Why Lighting Design is a Vital Part of Your New Construction


Create Transformative Lighting Without the Headaches by Starting Early

Enhance your space with a purposeful lighting design that adds beauty and functionality. As you design your dream home, your décor entails more than color palettes, furniture and accent pieces. Reinforce architectural features and set the perfect ambiance across your New Orleans, LA property with a professional lighting design.

Keep in mind this needs to be an intrinsic part of your home build, with lighting designers brought in at the same time as architects, interior designers, and other subcontractors. A lighting designer seamlessly brings aesthetics and technology together for a solution tailormade to your family’s needs.

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Not only will a lighting designer help you reduce equipment costs through manufacturer partnerships, but they'll do a cost analysis to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Doing this during the construction phase is vital, as there's greater versatility in what your designer can do to optimize your budget. In addition, having dedicated experts means they'll know the ideal techniques and products to reduce product and labor costs.              

Layered Design

While every home features basic ambient lighting, a designer can also help there. They'll find the ideal in-ceiling fixtures and optimize their location to avoid glare, eye strain or unwanted shadows.

We then recommend adding task lighting in the form of pendants, track lighting, desk lights or over-stove lights that illuminate specific areas to ease your day-to-day activities. Finally, add accent lighting brighter than ambient lighting to help artwork or architectural features stand out.

For this layered lighting design to work, we need to partner with your builders, designers and architects early on to ensure a unified vision. We’ll work with them to accommodate wiring requirements so you’re not limited in the fixtures you can use and where you can place them.

Centralized Control

Though wireless lighting control systems are available, a fully wired one not only delivers better results but a more streamlined solution as well. A centralized control system uses dimmer panels that reduce the amount of wiring needed, limit the number of switches on the wall, and allow greater control flexibility.

That flexibility provides aesthetic benefits in the form of elegant on-wall keypads available in various configurations and finishes. It also means greater control over your fixtures. Beyond on-off capabilities, you'll be able to adjust intensity and color temperature to set the perfect environment.

This type of hard-wired system requires access to your home before the builder starts hanging drywall. We also need to coordinate with builders and architects to find the ideal locations for your dimming panels and proper space for all low voltage wiring and components.  

If you want lighting that transforms your décor and living spaces, you need a purposeful design from the start. So take the first step to a better lighting experience by talking with one of our experts. All you have to do is call us, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to get started.

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