Lighting Design Ideas to Transform Every Room in the House

Living room with a warm, inviting lighting design.

Create an Eye-Catching Atmosphere with Intentional Lighting Design 

Have you ever glanced into the window of a home and felt captivated by its atmosphere? How do they make it look so luxurious inside? 

It’s not just furniture, wall coverings, or artwork. More often than not, lighting design is the defining factor. 

But lighting design is not just about placing fixtures randomly around your home—it’s a thoughtful and intentional process. As a lighting designer in New Orleans, learn how we apply lighting design techniques to enhance every room of the house. 

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Residential Lighting Design 101

living room with professional lighting and couches, a TV, wood blinds, and art all around

Use Tech to Transform Luxe Interiors with Elegance & Convenience

Architecture tells tales as rich as New Orleans’ own history, and the subtle art of lighting design plays a pivotal role in transforming high-end homes into mesmerizing spaces. 

If you want to elevate your interior spaces while complementing the uniqueness of your home, then it’s time for a crash course in lighting design and smart control. Keep reading if you’re ready to create interiors that reflect your style and enhance the unique charm of luxurious living spaces.

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Eliminate Glare With the Perfect Lighting Design


Enhance Your Comfort With Purposeful, Intuitive Lighting 

A well-lit room creates a multifunctional space that can serve as a sanctuary for relaxation, a productive workspace, or a lively area for socializing. However, glare often disrupts this harmony, causing discomfort and affecting your well-being. For instance, imagine trying to focus on work in your home office, but the glow from an overhead light keeps distracting you, resulting in a headache by the end of the day. 

Understanding the science behind glare and its impact on daily activities is crucial for finding effective solutions. This guide offers actionable insights on how we help our clients in New Orleans, LA, eliminate it through proper lighting design and smart technology. 

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3 Ways Lighting Design Boosts Your Home’s Aesthetics

A group of people at a dinner party stand in front of a well-lit piece of artwork.

Embrace Lighting That Transforms Your Interiors in a Myriad of Ways 

Lighting has the potential to be truly transformative, but only if implemented and used correctly. Even as luxury homeowners comb over every fine detail in their new constructions—from the doorknobs to the millwork—they can take lighting for granted. They stick with standard fixtures and controls when much better options are available. 

How can you upgrade the lighting in your New Orleans, LA, home? Our team integrates the latest LED fixtures and intuitive controls for layered lighting design. This blog highlights some ways these upgrades make for a more beautiful space. 

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Do You Have the Best Lighting in Your Home Office?

Shot of small home office with a black desk, white chair and white book shelf in the back with a small window and tabletop lamp.

Our Lighting Design Experts Ensure Greater Comfort and Efficiency When Working from Home 

Usually, the two biggest complaints in corporate offices regard temperature and lighting. An American Society of Interior Design study found that 68% of office employees think the lighting is too dim or too bright. Often the wrong lighting causes headaches, eye strain, and fatigue. Overall, the result is diminished motivation and productivity. 

During the last couple of years, most workplaces have shifted to hybrid or fully work-from-home environments. This presents a unique opportunity to create the ideal work environment from scratch in the comfort of home. Below, we showcase how some ways our lighting designs help you eliminate common issues in your New Orleans, LA, home office. 

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3 Reasons to Add Lighting Automation Early in Your New Home

A white home with a modern architectural style showing well-lit interiors and exteriors.

Bring an Integrator in from the Start for Easier Financing and a Streamlined Installation 

We’ve detailed the benefits of lighting automation in many of our previous blogs, discussing how intuitive lighting control helps you manage your mood, transform your outdoor spaces, and protect your home. Visualizing the transformative effect of lighting automation may not be hard, but knowing exactly how to add it to your home may not be easy. 

Employing a custom technology integrator is the first step. Since we know the technology well, we will advise you on the best options and install systems that are easy to use and perform well for years to come.

To work our magic in your Tampa, FL, home, though, we need to be brought into your new construction as early as possible. We explain why early collaboration is vital, from easier financing to streamlined installations! 

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4 Tips for an Unforgettable Media Room Design


Optimize Your Space for Aesthetics, Comfort, and Fun

Every family uses their media room differently—that's the beauty of it. While sometimes it hosts family movie nights, at other times, it's the dedicated Sunday football bunker. At any given time, you use a media room to host parties, play video games, or stream the latest HBO or Netflix series. That's why your media room design is so vital in your New Orleans, LA home. So what does it take to create an entertainment space that's fun for the entire family? We provide some vital design tips below.

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Control Your Mood and Create an Ambience With Lighting Controls


Manage the Look and Feel of Your Home With Lighting Controls

One of the first things we do when we come home is take off our shoes and change into comfy clothes to relax because our homes are the place we come to rest and recharge after a busy day out in the world. 

Lighting plays a crucial part in creating that type ofenvironment, and different types of light create different ambiances for each space. We need task lighting, natural light, and just enough light to create a feel or mood. To achieve all these different styles, you needa sophisticated home lighting control systemAnd whether you are building new or retrofitting your home, you can create the atmosphere you want in every room of your Baton Rouge, LA home with home lighting control

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4 Things Your Home Lighting Should Accomplish



Get the Most Out of Your Home Lighting Control

Though we often take lighting for granted, it only takes a few minutes in a room with bad lighting to realize how important it is. It might be a media room where bright lights cause a glare on the screen or dimmed lighting forces you to strain your eyes while reading. Few pieces of technology affect your day-to-day more than your lighting does.

That’s why you should invest in a lighting control system designed to help you accomplish the following: adapt quickly, think better, do better, and feel better. As you read this blog, you’ll see how our custom solutions help you get the most out of the lighting fixtures in your New Orleans, LA home.

SEE MORE: How Can You Customize Your Home’s Smart Lighting Control?

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