What Do You Get When You Work with a Smart Home Company?


Discover What a Professional Brings to Your Smart Home Project

In a world where YouTube tutorials are at your fingertips, the allure of going the DIY route for various projects is strong. But when it comes to converting your Tampa, FL, home into a modern technology oasis, the specialized skills of a smart home company are invaluable. Just as you wouldn't hesitate to call an electrician for a complex wiring issue, smart home automation is intricate, especially when designed to function seamlessly throughout your home. So, what should you expect when you collaborate with a smart home company for an all-encompassing intelligent living experience? Read on to find out.

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Why Are We the Best Smart Home Company in Tampa, FL?

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Our Experience and White-Glove Customer Service Sets Us Apart 

Do you want technology that transforms your life for the better? As smart technology becomes mainstream, it's easy to be lured into the DIY path or think a small shop or handyman can handle it. However, designing a whole-home solution requires professional installation, programming, and maintenance. 

Are you looking for the right smart home company for your luxury home? Acadian Home Theater and Automation has delivered personalized smart home systems for its clients for more than two decades. 

Initially founded in Louisiana, we now offer our full suite of services in Tampa, FL. Find out why we've already become one of the most trusted smart home companies in the area. 

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Elevate Your Smart Home Experience with the Right Partner

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Verify You’re Working with the Top Smart Home Company in the Area

Choosing the right smart home company is vital to getting the most out of your technology. Establishing a company’s credentials should be the first step to sift through the many options you might find online. 

Ensure they’re certified dealers for the companies you want, and look for those with HTA certifications. Reserved for only the top integration firms in the country, HTA-certified companies undergo an extensive process to prove they deliver reliable, high-quality services to their clients.  

Understanding the different levels between those certifications is just as important. Entry-level certifications for new dealers mean something completely different than those only available to top-tier companies. 

Acadian Home Theater & Automation boasts the top Control4 and HTA certifications. Find out what that means for your next Tampa, FL, project. 

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Unleash Your Technology’s Potential with a Smart Home Company

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Our Award-Winning Team Will Design the Smart Home of Your Dreams

Are you considering a DIY approach to your smart home technology? Leave the hard work to the professionals instead. Not only do you avoid dealing with a mess of wires, but a smart home company brings all your devices together, so you don't have a mess of apps either. 

Though going with a pro may be an easy choice, it may be hard to choose who to trust with your home's technology. But finding the right partner is easy if you focus on the right things, like their range of solutions and standards of service. 

Since 2010, Acadian Home Theater & Automation has made the CEPro 100, a label awarded to the top custom technology experts in the country. Read on to find out why we are the most trusted smart home company in Tampa, FL. 

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What to Look for in a Smart Home Company

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Get the Most Out of Your Smart Technology with the Right Partner 

Smart home technology is now a must-have feature of our everyday lives. When building a new home, working with a contractor, architect and interior designer is no longer enough. You also need someone to help with all your technology needs to have a truly live-in-ready home once construction ends. So how do you know which smart home company to partner with in Tampa, FL? Below we outline some things to consider when looking for a technology partner.

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How Much Does a Smart Home Project Cost?


As the Go-To Smart Home Company in Tampa, FL, We Help You Budget Efficiently 

Usually, during our initial conversations with potential clients, the first question is about price. It makes sense for both you and your smart home company to approach the topic early to make sure you're the right match for each other. Our benchmark response is that though the price will vary based on the systems you want to include, for the most part, projects end up costing $8-12 per square foot. 

The natural follow-up question is, why? We understand that people want to know where their money is going, which is why we decided to craft this blog to outline the general costs of these projects. Though the equipment will take up the bulk of the budget, it's important to account for all the labor that goes into getting the smart technology in your Tampa, FL home running smoothly. 

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