Hear It, Don't See It

Can you find the subwoofer hidden in this picture?  Maybe you're thinking, "I won't find it. A subwoofer is that large speaker box located near the floor BELOW the TV."

Ah, think again.  You're actually looking at it right now!  So, let's see what's in this photo.

There are two A/C vents, one recessed canister light, a flatscreen TV backlit with LED lighting, and the in-wall mounted left speaker column.

Well guess what?  That A/C vent nearest the canister light is actually a disguised subwoofer!  Of course your subwoofer is the speaker that provides those very deep bass sounds that sometimes make the floor rumble like thunder when you watch a movie or let you feel the kick of the bass drum when listening to music.

Most assume subwoofers must be placed at or near the floor level.  That isn't always the case.  So if it makes sense to not place a subwoofer under your TV, ask your professional A/V installer about placement options that would work well for your room.

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