Maximize Your Smart Home Security with Control4 Automation [Video]

Gain Peace of Mind from Louisiana’s Only Control4 Diamond Dealer

With nearly 35,000 burglaries a year in Louisiana, how do you protect your family and belongings? Luxury homeowners have made a significant investment to create a high-end property, and more importantly, they want to ensure that their families will be safe and secure in the event of an attempted break-in. The Control4 smart home system offers a variety of features to put your worries at ease.

Acadian Home Entertainment & Automation is Louisiana’s only Diamond Control4 dealer, an honor we’ve received because we’re committed to detail-oriented, personalized custom installations. We want our clients to live without fear, and here are some ways a Control4 system can enhance your Lafayette home’s security with an intuitive, comprehensive control network.

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Fortify Your Home with Lock and Sensor Control
The bigger the home, the more potential weak spots in security, and it can be difficult to make sure you’ve locked every door before leaving the house. Control4 allows you to access all the locks and sensors on your property, and if you’ve accidentally left a door unlocked, all it takes is a tap to lock it again. Do you tend to leave your garage door open? A Control4 system can be programmed to shut it automatically if it’s lifted for an extended period, and that time frame is easy to change if you need to keep the door up longer. Check out the video below to see just how simple it is to keep track of locks and sensors with Control 4.


Automatically Activate Lights and Sound to Ward Off Intruders
The quickest way to get a burglar off your property is to let them know they can be seen, and sensors around the home can turn on lights and sound if they detect a human intruder. Flashing lights and a message warning that you’ve contacted the authorities will stop the trespasser before they reach your door. Remember the scene in Home Alone when Kevin sets up an elaborate fake party in his house to fool the burglars? It’s possible to achieve the same effect with far less effort thanks to home automation, and Control4 can be programmed with a lighting scene that makes your home appear occupied if you're away on vacation. You could even incorporate audio to sell the illusion further.

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Keep an Eye on Your Property with Surveillance Cameras
Seeing real-time footage of your property is the best way to monitor it, and setting up security cameras lets you know if there are any unwanted visitors on the property. Because privacy is an increasingly important concern, Acadian can also install a trustworthy Firewall to ensure that no one has access to this network except for authorized users. Cameras can be installed both inside and outside your home, and the video below showcases how Control4 serves as a central hub to navigate each different surveillance sector.


These are just a few of the many features Control4 offers to enrich your Lafayette smart home, and you can contact Acadian Home Entertainment to learn more about their services from Louisiana’s most acclaimed Control4 dealer.

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Fortify Your Security System with Control4 Home Automation

Safeguard Your Mandeville Property with Smart Home Control

 It’s 3 AM and you just heard a window break downstairs. You get out of bed and call the police, but how do you make sure your family is safe from an intruder while waiting for the authorities to arrive?

A home security system can keep you from having to deal with this nightmare situation, and Control4 automation offers a suite of services to safeguard your property.

From smart lighting to locks and sensors to security cameras, Control4 technology helps you protect your family with an easy-to-use centralized control system. Read on to learn about the features that make Control4 a vital addition to your Mandeville home.

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Arm Locks and Sensors

Concerned about all your doors being locked when you go to bed at night? Use your Control4 app to check their status from bed and remotely lock any that haven’t been secured.

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Discover the Latest Trends in Home Security Systems

Protect Your Baton Rouge Home with Smart Security Solutions

 Security is the driving force of the smart home industry. It’s the most in-demand feature for smart home systems, and more than anything else, homeowners want to know that their families are in a safe environment. Manufacturers are always looking for new ways to satisfy that need, and in the past decade, there have been massive strides in high-definition video surveillance, voice control, facial recognition, motion sensing, and automated functionality.

Are you considering a home security system for your Baton Rouge home? Read on to learn about the latest industry trends that are setting the bar for smart security technology.


AI Learns Your Habits

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the core of the smart home, and new devices are taking the information they gather throughout the day to make intelligent adjustments that best suit your living patterns. Multipurpose sensors play a significant part in machine learning, monitoring motion, ambient lighting, sound, air quality and more to give your system the data it needs to make automatic changes and detect anomalies that are outside of the norm.

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Home Automation System Trends To Watch For In 2019

Elevate The Smart Technology In Your Mandeville, LA Home

This year more than ever smart home automation systems gained new features and upgrades that increased their functionality. Homeowners and their families are able to live even more comfortable lives by entrusting technology to keep them safe and boost their personal wellness. In this blog, we look at three 2019 trends that help you get the most out of your home automation system. Keep reading to learn about how these trends will boost the performance of your Mandeville, LA smart home.


Focus On Energy Efficiency

Climate change is the biggest global emergency of our lifetime, and everyone should be doing their part to cut down on energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. Smart lighting, motorized shades, and automated climate control systems all work together to lower how much electricity you’re using to illuminate and cool down your home. Having a multi-faceted home automation system makes energy management simple. Occupancy sensors are increasingly popular, shutting off or dimming lights in vacant rooms so that you’re not wasting power.

Wellness Technology

Smart technology manufacturers have noticed how much consumers value devices that help improve their personal wellness, so there has been a considerable push for products that make users feel more invigorated. We've written quite a bit about circadian rhythm lighting in past blogs, and it’s a feature being pushed by manufacturers because it can help residents be more productive at the start of their day and relaxed at the end of it.

But that’s not the only wellness devices available right now. Smart sleep lights feature motion-sensing sleep tracking technology that gives you data on different aspects of your time sleeping like turning, breaks, and duration, and wake-up lights lull users to sleep and gently wake them up. Smart air purifiers assess air quality in real time with sensors that search for volatile organic compounds, which activates purification technology that eliminates airborne particles.

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