How Better Lighting Leads to Improved Wellness


New technology adds health benefits to lighting control systems

In conversations with our clients about lighting control or smart home technology in Mandeville, LA,, we encounter numerous reasons they're interested in it. Each family has a different priority, whether it's greater comfort, safety or style. Very few ever cite wellness among the top.

But during the past decade, the links between technology and wellness have strengthened. As this link becomes more widespread, we expect to see a lot more health-conscious clients inquiring about lighting control and smart homes in general.

First, it's important to explain precisely how health and home technology go hand-in-hand. The partnership primarily centers around the concept of biophilia, which is all about bringing us closer to natural stimuli even when indoors.

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Each day we spend around 90 percent of our time indoors, severely limiting the exposure we get to nature. Reacting to natural stimuli, however, is how our body stays alert and healthy. A smart home that embraces biophilic design uses a wide range of technologies to recreate a natural feel indoors.

During the day, virtual skylights and windows combined with human-centric lighting bring the benefits of natural light. Enjoy naturescapes through your home audio video of forests or streams to further improve your wellbeing. Finally, bring in fresh air quality through air purification and aromatherapy.

Tunable Lighting

Human-centric lighting is the easiest way to introduce biophilia into the home. Access to sunlight throughout the day is vital to regulating our circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. Our bodies schedule their functions by the sun's hues, so when we spend all day under the same type of lighting, our bodies start breaking down. This is most commonly seen in areas with long winters, where people struggle with seasonal affective disorders that lead to insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

With tunable lighting, you can embrace sunlight while you’re indoors. Even though white light contains various color wavelengths, most manufacturers produce white fixtures in just one color temperature. New tunable lighting fixtures let you enjoy a wide range of whites from one light source by adjusting the color temperature. During the day, you can change these fixtures to mimic sunlight. Enjoy cooler tones in the morning to encourage activity and warmer tones in the evening that let you relax.


It's when you integrate these tunable fixtures with a lighting control system that you can genuinely leverage them throughout the day. Through your system, lights automatically change hues during the day to mimic sunlight without having to lift a finger. Use your smart device of choice to make any additional changes you want in particular rooms.

We can design dedicated wellness scenes into your lighting control that simulate particular moods. Try a "Homework" scene that uses cooler tones to stimulate focus and concentration. Have a 'Relaxation" scene in your dedicated theater that uses warmer hues to help you wind down after a long day at work.


Do you want to embrace biophilic design in your Louisiana home? Reach out to our team to learn about tunable lighting, nature soundscapes and more. To set up a consultation with our team, give us a call at (225) 906-2589, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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