How to Master Your Home's Landscape Lighting

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With landscape lighting, homeowners unlock the full potential of their outdoor spaces. When you have a luxury property, strategically placed lighting completely transforms the ambiance and allure of your surroundings. How can you use this technology in your New Orleans, LA, home? 

In this blog, we will guide you through various techniques that will help you master the art of outdoor illumination. By understanding different fixtures, their optimal placement, and the power of outdoor lighting control, you can highlight architectural features, create captivating focal points, and infuse your outdoor areas with magic.

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Explore Our Process for Integrating Landscape Lighting in New Construction

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We Make It Easy to Add This Popular Solution to Your Projects 

Today, homeowners expect some technology in their homes by the end of the construction phase. There are slight variations from client to client as to what that means, but there’s one non-negotiable: lighting. While the need for indoor lighting is obvious, it’s also important not to disregard the importance of landscape lighting. 

In a National Home Builders Association study, 87% percent of buyers wanted exterior lighting included in their homes. However, some fixtures on the porch and by the door aren’t enough to stand out in the luxury market. Lighting designers help you craft solutions that boost the home’s appeal, value, comfort and safety. 

Do you want to find the right partner for your next build? Acadian Home Theater & Automation is a CE Pro Top 100 company and Control4 Diamond dealer. We integrate this technology without extensive costs or delays if you include us from the start. Look at our process to find out why we’re one of the most trusted companies in New Orleans, LA. 

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