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Nothing helps "get you home" from your day in the trenches better than by filling your home with the music you love.  But whether you're in an apartment or even a dorm room, you need portability while getting major impact from a simple system.

For simplified sound with robust tones, we want to recommend to you the SoundLink by Bose.  This little beauty is a mobile speaker which delivers amazing sound quality while weighing in at a mere 2.9 lbs!  Not even the size of a textbook, SoundLink is Bluetooth compatible meaning you can wirelessly connect to this handy delivery system from your phone, computer, tablet or other Bluetooth device from up to 30 feet away!  Cnet.com calls it "the best portable Bluetooth speaker on the market."  Click here to see how they get such LOUD, distortion-free sound in such a small package!

Open the cover to turn it on and continue folding it back to serve as its own stand.  And because its battery holds a charge up to 8 hours, you can fold it up and carry it with you to enjoy outdoors as well!  For $299.95 you get the fantastic technology you expect from a Bose product.  Click here for a one-minute video to see it for yourself.  If you order from us, you save on the shipping charges plus get local, dealer support for it and all your Bose products or upgrades.

Our next recommendation from Bose is a beefy package for the apartment when you're looking to have a complete entertainment center that you can handily take with you later.  Its the Bose VideoWave Entertainment System.  It begins with a 46-inch flatscreen HD TV.  What's truly incredible about this TV is that it delivers cinematic sound while it eliminates the need for extra speakers.  The speakers are BUILT-IN BEHIND the screen!  The Bose technology fills the room throwing sound more deftly than a ventriloquist.  Its practically eery to have sound coming at you even from behind!  So your "surround sound system" is compressed right into the flatscreen.  Watching the big game or your favorite movies doesn't get more exhilarating!  Click here for a look "under the hood."

Now to that, add your portable music via the dock included in the package to launch from your iPod or iPhone.  That wrap-around sound is now bathing your home in your favorite tunes.  So when its time to have the friends over, you're ready!  And what a great time awaits when you bring out your Xbox or Wii.  Check out this review of a VideoWave set up in an apartment.

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Music is In the Air

Springtime is a season for weddings and graduations.  And gift-giving can often be a challenge--trying to find that unique as well as thoughtful gift.  So why not consider giving the gift of music?

Newlyweds love compact, portable music systems to add warmth and beauty to their new homes.  Even if the happy couple already has an audio system for their living room, having a compact system for their bedroom or even patio is a huge bonus.  AND both the bride and groom can equally appreciate and enjoy your thoughtfulness!

And Grads?  They especially love knowing they don't have to dismantle their audio system at home but can leave it in their rooms for when they're home on a weekend or over a semester break.  With a compact system you give as a gift, they can enjoy their favorite music at their new dorm or apartment.

But the problem with typical "off the shelf" portable units is that the sound produced lacks dynamic range nor does a very good job filling a room.  Its music in a box.

Not so with products by Bose!  Bose is music in a ROOM.  Bose has earned an unmatched reputation for yielding astounding acoustical depth and clarity from compact components, bathing rooms in absolutely luxurious fidelity.  As a Bose dealer, we can help you with your selection of products available, but lets take a moment here to look at a few options.

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Tips for Backyard Entertainment

Thinking about bringing your audio/video experience to your backyard or patio?  More and more families are taking their entertaining outdoors.  Here are some things to consider before you get underway.

  • Its always best to keep your source equipment inside and simply run wiring outside.  But if that isn't the case, consider a weatherproof enclosure you can buy or build and where you will locate it.

  • Bose FreeSpace 51 are Good Example of Outdoor Speakers

    Stick with weatherproof speakers, TVs and other equipment.  Especially in humid climates and coastal (think salt) locations, this protected equipment is well worth the extra dollars you'll spend.
  • For speakers, focus on coverage rather than volume.  Several speakers interspersed throughout the area playing low is more enjoyable than only a few playing loudly just to cover the territory.
  • When it comes to speaker placement, extend them to the perimeter of your yard and direct them inward and away from the neighbors.
  • Install your wiring first, especially if they need to go underground.  Make sure you first identify where underground waterlines and other utilities are!  Run the wire to a weatherproof panel or exterior closet.  That's where you'll tie in all of your electronics.  This will give you the flexibility for future upgrades.
  • Run wiring in conduit and use separate conduit for low-voltage and high-voltage purposes.
  • Thoughtful use of swinging TV mounts could potentially allow you to view from inside a cabana, for example, or swing out to an exterior angle to chairs arranged theater-style in the yard.
Like any updating to your home, planning ahead pays big dividends in the end.

by Bryan Naquin.  Follow Bryan on Twitter @ACIexperts.  And you can always contact him at 225.906.2589 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Bryan Naquin is president of Acadian Home Theater and Automation based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  CEPro Magazine ranked Acadian in the top 100 consumer electronic companies in the U.S. coming in at Number 87 for 2011.

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