3 Ways Lighting Design Boosts Your Home’s Aesthetics

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Embrace Lighting That Transforms Your Interiors in a Myriad of Ways 

Lighting has the potential to be truly transformative, but only if implemented and used correctly. Even as luxury homeowners comb over every fine detail in their new constructions—from the doorknobs to the millwork—they can take lighting for granted. They stick with standard fixtures and controls when much better options are available. 

How can you upgrade the lighting in your New Orleans, LA, home? Our team integrates the latest LED fixtures and intuitive controls for layered lighting design. This blog highlights some ways these upgrades make for a more beautiful space. 

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Embrace Biophilia 

In recent years, a lot of interior design has focused on biophilia—a desire to link people with nature. Though everything from the color of the walls to the number of plants plays a part, lighting has always been at the forefront of biophilic design.

The primary goal is to optimize the amount of natural light. First, we'll add motorized shades that open and close to follow the sun's movement. We automate this through schedules and sensors or let you do it yourself on touchpads, apps, or keypads.

We take additional steps when sunlight is unavailable due to weather or lack of windows. We use Lutron's Ketra LED tunable fixtures, which change color temperature to mimic the sun throughout the day, from bright blue in the middle of the day to warm amber in the evening. 

Enhance Your Favorite Artwork 

These tunable LED lighting fixtures also have excellent color rendering index (CRI) grades which means they do a great job of bringing out the colors in your artwork. A simple color temperature adjustment will also help highlight different colors based on the image. 

We place these fixtures in ceiling-mounted accent lights, track lights, or wall washes to best feature your favorite pieces. Control is essential here as well. We'll make choosing which artwork you want to highlight easy based on your mood or the occasion. 

Add Depth to Your Spaces 

Our lighting designs create distinct layers through task, accent, and ambient fixtures. Not only does this approach make it easier to accomplish tasks, but it also creates a more dynamic aesthetic. With the proper layout, you'll be able to create zones and even purposefully cast shadows to make the space look bigger (and hide any features you don't love). 

As a bonus, layering your window treatments is another great tool to add depth. That's why Lutron offers dual shade solutions where you can place multiple fabrics on one window and control them individually or simultaneously.  

Your luxury home deserves more than generic lighting design and fixtures. Do you want to learn more about how our lighting design services transform your home and lifestyle? Schedule a meeting with our team by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below. 

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