Why Luma Security Cameras Are a Cut above the Rest

Luma video surveillance systems include cameras with 4K video resolution, advanced night vision and more. Now is the perfect time to add them to your New Orleans, LA home.

Never Miss Vital Footage with a State-of-the-Art Video Surveillance System 

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the benefits of Luma video surveillance systems.They let you record footage, offer access to it from anywhere, and make it easy to search for what you need. However, getting these systems to work properly requires the right tools and professional integration. 

Since we’ve already gone high level into the system’s features, this time, we wanted to guide our readers on the specific components that make it up. So, this blog starts with the most important tool in any surveillance system: cameras. We discuss why we love working with Luma’s IP cameras, which offer astounding visuals, seamless integration and easy maintenance. 

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What Are the Best Security Cameras for Your Home?


Explore What Makes for the Best Fit in Your Video Surveillance System

As you investigate video surveillance systems for your new home or remodel in New Orleans, LA, most of the focus will be on which types of security cameras to employ. Of course, the right cameras will depend on the overall goals for your surveillance, but there are some standard recommendations we can make. Outlined in this blog are the main camera models and the features we think are the most important for keeping your family safe.

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3 of the Best Benefits of Remote Access to Your Home Security


Find Out How You Can Enjoy Peace-of-Mind From Anywhere

As the 21st century has progressed, home security has become so much more than just an alarm system that you activate when leaving the house.

In fact, today’s best security systems can bring surveillance and security into your own hands – literally.

With smart home surveillance and monitoring, you can enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your property in Lafayette, LA or beyond will stay secure, whether you’re at home or halfway around the world.

Not only can you still use a professional monitoring service, but you also can have a direct influence on keeping your family safe.

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What are the Best Technologies to Include in Your Home Security System?

Feature These Innovative Devices in Your Smart Home Security Setup

 Perhaps you’re ready to provide your house with a robust security system, dedicated to keeping your family safe.

Where do you begin? What do you include in your setup?

Of course, you can work with your local security professional that can install and integrate alarms and surveillance cameras throughout your property.

At Acadian, however, we are committed to providing custom home security system solutions for New Orleans and Louisiana homeowners that go far beyond basic alarm and camera capabilities.

In this post, we share four additional must-include smart technologies for your property’s security arrangement. Scroll down to find out more.

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