How to Create an Engaging Conference Room for Clients

Commercial Audio Video Technology Enriches Your Lafayette, LA Office

Your conference room is a critical space in your office for client relations. It's where you take meetings, give presentations, and finalize contracts, so you want it to be a welcoming environment that stimulates productivity for all parties. Commercial audio video technology plays an important role, by making it easy to share information and communicate with people who are operating remotely. Keep reading to learn how you can upgrade your Lafayette, LA office with commercial smart technology.


Enhance Communication With HD Video Conferencing

A significant amount of your client interactions are done via video conferencing, which is why it's vital for your company to have HD video conferencing technology that allows you to communicate clearly with people who aren’t in the office. If you’re having a meeting with two partners of a company and one comes to your office and the other is conferenced in, you want your conferencing technology to make it feel like everyone is in the same room. If the video feed skips, lags, or cuts off, that inclusive atmosphere is broken.

With an upgraded commercial audio video system, you'll be able to have crystal clear conversations with clients from all over the world. Having a smooth, error-free conferencing experience helps make your company look more professional. To accomplish that, you'll need an office network that won't buckle under the weight of HD audio and video in addition to other smart technology. You need a system that meets the data requirements of your employees' computers, smartphones, and tablets. Our commercial installations evaluate the strength of your bandwidth and provide network solutions to guarantee that all of your technology functions properly.

Take Control with a Commercial Automation System

One of the best ways to create an inviting conference room space for clients is to install a commercial automation system from our brand partner, Crestron.  Their enterprise-grade automation solutions will wow your clients by bringing all of your office’s smart technology together in a streamlined central interface, giving you one-touch control of your commercial audio video components, lighting, motorized shades, thermostats, and any other smart devices.

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Which Commercial Audio Video Solution is Best for You?

Projectors Vs. Displays: Which Is Ideal for Your New Orleans Office?

 The last few years have seen dramatic strides in the world of commercial audio video, with manufacturers creating new products that take advantage of automated technology while also delivering high-quality sound and picture. Conference rooms are rapidly evolving into smart conference rooms, with commercial control systems bringing all the technology together for expanded connectivity and streamlined functionality.

Flat-panel displays and projectors are now standard presentation technologies for businesses all around New Orleans, but which one will benefit your office the most? Read on to learn about which spaces are ideal for which product and how the technology satisfies different conference room needs.

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Size Matters

Just how big is your conference room space? Size is a major deciding factor in choosing between a flat-panel display and a projector, and if you have a space that seats over 12 people, you’ll want to go with the latter. Sure, you could invest in the world’s largest flat-panel display—Samsung’s 110-inch Ultra HDTV—but the high cost and installation challenges make it far less attractive than an HD projector.

Instead of taking up an entire wall with a display, you have an easy-to-install projector on the ceiling that projects onto a pull-down screen, which can be customized to the dimensions of your space. This is also helpful for conference rooms that might have unconventional dimensions, providing a flexible solution that saves wall space.

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How Commercial Audio Video Can Enhance Your Conference Room

Explore the Benefits of Adding Boardroom Audio/Video Technology

 A conference room is essential to any office space.

It’s where you and your team host essential meetings. It’s where decisions critical to the success of your business are made.

So, shouldn’t you ensure your boardroom technology always perform at its best?

Based out of Baton Rouge, Acadian is Louisiana’s expert at commercial audio video installations geared toward enhancing conference rooms across the state.

Want to find out more about how an audio/video system can enhance your office’s boardroom? Just keep reading.

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