Audio Video Distribution Systems for Entertainment in Every Room


Discover How a Multi-Room Audio Video Distribution Systems Elevate Your Lifestyle

Home entertainment begins and ends with a quality AV system. In a bygone era, all a family needed was a radio or black-and-white TV to keep everyone entertained. Now, much has changed. Homeowners have TVs in every room, watch programs on their phones, and stream audio through their earbuds. And yet, it can be even better.

A multi-room audio-video system allows you to listen to the same music wherever you go in your home. Also, if you’re watching a TV program in one room, you don’t need to pause it when you visit the kitchen for a snack. It’s playing in there as well. Read our blog to see how an audio-video distribution system in your New Orleans, LA, home adds more luxury to your life.

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Discover the Marvel of a Whole-Home Audio System

Control4 interface on a large screen TV in a luxury living room featuring in-ceiling speakers.


Audio technology has been transformed by innovative brands like B&W, Dynaudio, Klipsch, Sony, and Sonus Faber, bringing concert-quality sound to your living room. But why stop there? Imagine seamlessly extending that pristine audio experience into every corner of your Tampa, FL, home. Welcome to the world of whole-home audio systems.

A professionally designed and installed audio setup provides a symphony of benefits to every member of your family from anywhere in the home. From the morning sun to the moonlit night, it's a harmony of convenience, control, and unmatched auditory experiences. Keep reading below to discover how to make the most of this type of audio distribution system.

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4 Ways You Can Take Advantage of Hidden Automation in Your Home


Add the Benefits of Smart Home Technology Without the Clutter

Are you hesitant to add smart technology to your space because you worry it’ll ruin the interior design you worked so hard to achieve? Technology and design don't have to be rivals when you incorporate hidden automation features into your New Orleans, LA home.

You'll be able to enjoy seamless control, greater comfort and high-performance AV while avoiding the clutter usually associated with technology.

Below are some of the unique ways to ensure it flows seamlessly with your desired aesthetic.

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Experience the New Sights and Sounds of a Robust AV System


Add More Music and Movies to Your Home with an AV Installation

Improve your music-listening and TV-watching experience by upgrading the AV systems in your home. The new products on the market – 4K HDR TVs, high-end speakers, and multi-room audio – add more excitement to home entertainment. For instance, instead of listening to music through your earbuds, you can enjoy a higher quality sound with your new whole-home audio system. Why watch movies on your small HD TV? By installing a big-screen 4K TV or screen/projector system, you’ll witness movie magic the way it’s supposed to be.

If you’re considering an AV installation at your home in New Orleans, LA, then here are three excellent upgrades: high-end audio, whole-home sound, and 4K home theater displays. Keep reading to learn some of the many advantages of updating your audio-video systems.

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Living Is Easy and Entertaining With A Home AV System


How a New Home Entertainment System Adds More Enjoyment to Your Life

You’ve grown accustomed to your living room’s TV and your sound system in the corner. Maybe you’re not much of a movie buff, but you enjoy watching sports on the TV or listening to music through your earbuds. Life is good in your home, but it could be so much better! The problem is that most people don’t know what they’re missing, so the good stuff just passes them by.

Get the most out of your home’s audio-video system. When you have a home theater and media room that is perfectly designed for movie watching, music listening, and game-watching excitement, you’ll never go back to the way it was. Read our blog to see how you can upgrade your home in New Orleans, LA, with a fully customized home AV system.

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Style Meets Function with the Latest Hidden A/V Tech

Keep your display, speakers and other components out of sight for a cleaner look for your living spaces

 Despite the stunning images and spectacular sound offered by high-end home A/V systems, oversized TVs and standing speakers aren’t the most appealing things to look at. Not to mention all the space they can take up that could be put to better use.

If you’ve been looking for a way to clean up your home’s interior design without throwing out your expensive TV and speakers, there’s no need to stress. With the latest hidden A/V technology, it’s easier than ever to keep your equipment out of sight. In some cases, your components may not even need to be seen at all. Read on to see how easy it is to set up a hidden home audio-video system in your Baton Rouge, LA, home.

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Whether you’ve installed a screen and projector in your home theater or have a flat screen TV, your display is the largest component of your home A/V system. This makes it the hardest piece to conceal. For homeowners who’ve opted for a projector, just roll the screen up when it’s not in use. If you’re looking for a new display that’s easy to hide, LG’s Signature OLED TV R9 features a screen that rolls down into the base.

These solutions won’t work for homeowners with large, bulky displays, though. But don’t despair if you’re in this situation; there are still ways to hide your TV and get a more streamlined look for your home.

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