Who Dat Vudu?

Who has the largest selection of HD movies for on-demand viewing?  Not Netflix...its Vudu.  And you already own a Vudu-compatible device.

Vudu streams directly onto Blu-Ray players, XBox 360, Playstation 3, HDTV, iPad and of course your home computer.  Now, I'm not about to promote one movie provider over another.  There are websites that will help you do side-by-side comparisons with several companies that provide similar services as Netflix and Vudu.

But I bring up Vudu because they were acquired by Walmart Entertainment in 2010 and have just launched a new disc-to-digital service.  Here's how it works:

Bring movies you currently own into Walmart and for $2 each, they will create a digitized version and will store them for you on Vudu's cloud then return your discs to you.  Now, even if your ordinal disc ever gets damaged, you still can enjoy your movie via Vudu.  Or suppose you're vacationing?  Rather than bringing an arsenal of movies (in case you have an  unexpected "in-bound" day) just hook up to the internet and log into your Vudu account to watch any movie you've stored!  You can even watch on your iPad or iPhone while you're traveling (Android devices are having their security upgraded to permit this service later this year).   Another use is this; ONLY watch your movies via Vudu so your original discs stay in good shape.

Not every movie can be digitized, however.  Walmart has struck a deal for permission from the major distributors, but Disney is not on board at this time.

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