How to Use Geofencing Technology in Your Louisiana Home


Learn About the Security Trend that is Changing the Smart Home World

In the world of smart home automation, there are a few ways to simply control your Louisiana home. You can press one button on your mobile device or wall keypad to start a specific scene, or schedule a scene according to date and time. However, now we have another way to control our smart homes – geofencing. Geofencing technology is a relatively new feature to homeowners and gives you another way to manage your home remotely. Instead of using times or dates to start and stop tasks, you can use your precise location. Continue reading this blog on this security and surveillance trend to learn all about it.

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What is Geo-Fencing?
Geofencing allows you to create an invisible fence around your Covington property so that as soon as someone steps inside or outside of that virtual zone, the security system reacts. Your system uses cell phone tower triangulation to gauge where you are. Once you pass the invisible barrier, either going in or out, certain rules will go into effect. These actions are triggered by a device, most often a smartphone, whenever it crosses into the established zone.

How do I use it with my smart home?
Geofencing can be used for a lot of different reasons other than just security. For example, you can monitor the activity of your children or pets so that when they go outside of a certain area, you get a text message on your phone. This is helpful for determining when your kids get home from school to make sure the home is locked and armed when they are there, or monitoring the behavior of Fido in case he escapes the backyard. Geofencing can be tied to every smart feature in your home, such as motorized shades, automated lighting, surveillance cameras, the smart thermostat, and smart locks. Imagine making your way home from work and your home activating a “welcome home” scene as soon as you are a mile away. The thermostat will adjust to make your house cooler, the lights will turn on, your TV will turn the channel to the afternoon news, and the security system will disarm.

Full Security and Surveillance Solutions
While geofencing is certainly the newest trend in smart security, there are many other ways to protect your home. Here are a few more ways we can install a surveillance and security system in your home to protect your loved ones and valuables.

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