Why Is an Enterprise-Grade Network Vital for Your Home?

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Enjoy Greater Adaptability, Scalability, and Security from Your Home Networking 

Have you ever heard of an enterprise-grade network? For the most part, businesses use these to connect many people and devices as part of their daily workflow. This requires a robust system able to manage network traffic seamlessly. In recent years, more and more people are adding them to their homes as well. 

Ever experience lagging during important business calls or worry about your privacy when you hear about highly publicized cyber security breaches? Reduce your fears and improve your day-to-day by upgrading the home networking in your New Orleans, LA, home. 

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Boost Home Networking with Wifi 6


Improve your smart home with wifi 6 home networking

Wifi 6 is the new standard of the internet that offers higher speed, improved efficiency, and a stronger connection. It is an innovative solution that is perfect for smart homes.

If you own a smart home in New Orleans, LA, read on to discover why wifi 6 is the ultimate home networking solution for you.

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How Can Your Home Benefit from Wi-Fi 6?


Revamp Your Smart Home Performance With the Latest Wireless Standard

For most luxury homes in New Orleans, LA, it’s becoming the norm to have dozens of connected devices throughout the property. These smart devices –ranging from speakers to security cameras-often use the wireless network to communicate and coordinate. Unfortunately, though wireless networks may be convenient, they also tend to be unreliable when they reach this scope.

Enter Wi-Fi 6. As connected devices take root, the industry has taken note and introduced this new protocol featuring a wide array of upgrades set to transform how smart homes function. Read on to see how Wi-Fi 6 home networking brings instant improvement to your Netflix binges, at-home video conferences, and online gaming sessions.

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