How to Enjoy the Cinema Experience in the Comfort of Home

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Our Media Room Designs Let You Watch Your Entertainment on Your Terms 

Unfortunately for cinemas nationwide—including industry giant Regal, which filed for bankruptcy in September 2021–people are realizing the perks of watching movies from home. They’re tired of increasingly limited viewing times, overpriced popcorn, freezing temperatures, and poor audio and video quality. On the other hand, they realize you no longer need a dedicated movie theater for a viewing environment that rivals or exceeds the local cinema experience. 

For homeowners in New Orleans, LA, where real estate space may be limited, a multi-purpose media room design is the perfect cinema replacement. This blog highlights some of the main reasons why it’s time to embrace a multi-purpose media room for watching movies. 

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Benefits of Professional Media Room Design


Make your smart home more entertaining with professional media room design

Media rooms are an essential part of home entertainment. And every home already has a media room in some ways. A home audio-video system creates a media room. It could be your bedroom, living room, or even a dedicated home theater. But when your media room is designed professionally, the entertainment level reaches new highs.

If you’re planning on creating a media room, it’s better to get it designed by a professional. Read on to discover all the benefits of professional media room design for your New Orleans, LA, residence.

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4 Tips for an Unforgettable Media Room Design


Optimize Your Space for Aesthetics, Comfort, and Fun

Every family uses their media room differently—that's the beauty of it. While sometimes it hosts family movie nights, at other times, it's the dedicated Sunday football bunker. At any given time, you use a media room to host parties, play video games, or stream the latest HBO or Netflix series. That's why your media room design is so vital in your New Orleans, LA home. So what does it take to create an entertainment space that's fun for the entire family? We provide some vital design tips below.

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Media Room vs. Home Theater: Which is the Right Fit for Your Home?


Limitations in Size, Viewing Habits, and More Could Affect Your Decision

Are you looking to revamp the entertainment in your New Orleans, LA home? With movies now available for at-home release and a growing number of critically acclaimed TV shows playing on streaming services, better viewing experiences are a big priority for families. As you research your options, you may face the age-old question: home theater or media room design? Before deciding, you need to know precisely what each entails and get a better understanding of why you might want to choose one over the other.

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