5 "Might As Wells" You Must Do

1- WiringYou 'might as well' wire for the future now. Never, and I mean NEVER skimp on your wiring, especially if you are building a new home. If you have the vaguest notion of ever wanting a particular feature or device, wire for it. You'll save major bucks adding in that extra wiring now instead of sitting around your house some future day choking on drywall dust while one of our experienced and professional technicians drills holes in your custom finished walls. Remember even “wireless” devices need a solid wired infrastructure.

2- "Multi-zone" AudioYou 'might as well' get the music going in every area of the home. With today's tech it just doesn't make sense not to have a "multi-zone" audio system. If you are going through the trouble of adding background music to your project, systems from Crestron, Control4, AMX, Savant and Sonos make it painless to play different music in different rooms of your home at the same time. No longer are you chained to pushing one "sound" to every speaker in the house. Wanna fire up Pandora in the Dining from your iPad? No problem. Crank up Sirius/XM in the yard while your significant other enjoys Rhapsody in the Kitchen? Easy as cake.

3- Computer NetworkingYou 'might as well' surf the Internet in style. This can be a tough one to appreciate; most people don't realize how dependent our lives have become on the Internet. If you are going through the process of having electronics installed, think about how many things rely on your Internet connection. From the basic things like email to surfing the web, to content delivery like Netflix, AppleTV, Pandora & DirecTV, EVERYTHING relies on that very un-sexy Internet infrastructure. Many people have added all the exciting new toys to their home without thinking twice about the $99 router that is holding the whole thing together. Don't skimp here; go all in. A quality integrator will recommend things like "Enterprise-Class Hardware" or "Managed Wi-Fi Systems" and they will all come with a big price tag. Before your eyes glaze over, just remember you would never buy a new Ferrari and then get tires for it from Wal-Mart. We have had numerous clients notice significant improvements to their network speed after a network makeover, even without upgrading their monthly service!

4-Media Room (aka Man Cave)You 'might as well' have a grown-up playroom. Remember those giant tower speakers you used to have in college? Like the old ad with the guy's necktie getting blown away over his shoulder and his hair pushed back by the sound?  Well the experience is still here, and waiting for you (even if you have a lot less hair). Except now the speakers sound better, look better, and cost more money. Audiophile quality systems from Bose, B&W, Bay Audio, Meridian and Live Wall will bring back the good old days.  But hey, now you can afford the good stuff. Go for it.

5-TV SizeYou 'might as well' admit that size matters. I have never, ever had a client say "I wish we would have gotten the smaller TV." Never.

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