You Have to Begin Somewhere

I have to admit that writing is not really my thing...but technology and home electronics IS.

So while some people might love to sit down and pour themselves out onto a blog, I'm not one of those. More likely, this will be a source of frustration for me. In fact for me to sit and do anything for very long is just not me. I'm too ADHD for that. Give me something to do...and I'm all over it. But don't make me sit down!!

Hmmm...maybe I can pay someone to do this for me.

Brain fart. That happens when someone's mind is going different directions all at once. Maybe that's exactly what helps me do what I do. Tell me what kind of media system, for example, you want in your home and its almost like I'm invading the problem from different directions all at one time. You might think I'm not listening to you, but I'm already processing solutions to what you were just telling me.

I've created so many electronic systems for people over the years that when they're explaining what they want, I already have a fairly clear picture of the kinds of equipment they will want to rely on.

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