Setting Up Your Room for the Ultimate Viewing Experience

A home theater featuring light brown walls, extensive black seating, and a large theater screen.

Home Theater Design Steps for Getting the Most Out of Your Space 

A lot goes into professional home theater design. Zoom out from the essential AV components, and you'll see the intricate work that went into preparing the room. That's because a poorly designed room will waste even the best speakers, projectors, and AV receivers. 

Not only is setting up the room important, but, in fact, we often do it before deciding on the best components for your theater. We'll consider your room size, seating distance, and more during your initial design. This blog outlines our steps when installing theaters for our clients in Tampa, FL. 

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How We Design a Home Theater for Optimal Performance

A home theater featuring two rows of seating, a large screen, and special blue acoustic panels on the walls.


Are you looking to add a theater to your Baton Rouge, LA, home? While tackling the project on your own may be tempting, a home theater design requires more than purchasing top-rated screens, projectors, and speakers. 

Get a fabulous acoustic and visual performance by working with a professional home theater installer! In this blog, we'll explore how we help you achieve the best possible viewing experience, from boosting the room's acoustics to finding the AV components that match your needs. 

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Introduction to Home Theaters: What You Need to Know

Explore the Must-Know Facts of Owning a Home Cinema System

At Acadian Home Theater & Automation, we love working with homeowners throughout Louisiana to make their home entertainment dreams a reality.

If you have ever wanted to showcase a home cinema in your house, our team based in Baton Rouge has dedicated experience crafting customized theater systems for any family throughout the state.

But where do you begin the process? What are the must-know facts about home cinemas that you need to know about?

In this post, we share some of the home theater basics you should know about as you embark on your project.

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