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Add Greater Versatility with Scenes, Schedules and Sensors

Developing a successful lighting design is about more than choosing the right fixtures. Making the most of those fixtures through innovative control solutions is just as important. For a decade, on/off switches have been the standard lighting control option, but they won’t do your luxury fixtures or home justice. Revamping your décor and lifestyle requires greater flexibility and customization.

Eliminate wall acne, add depth to your lighting design, and set the perfect mood every time with the control tools and features we outline in this blog. As you read this blog, try to envision how each could leave a lasting impact on your Mandeville, LA home.

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Transform Your Space Instantly with Preset Scenes

Not only are traditional wall switches limited to on/off functionality, but they are also constrained in the number of fixtures they can control. Deploying personalized lighting scenes is a great way to resolve both issues whether you choose to manage them through elegant keypads, voice control, touchpads or mobile apps.

These lighting scenes let you save your favorite settings for lighting intensity or color temperature across all the fixtures in a room, floor, or even the entire home. Having a ‘Dinner” scene, for example, that sets a dim, warm hue over the dining table is a common go-to for our clients. Each scene you create is easy to pull up instantly when needed.

Have a Tailored Routine Through Schedule Changes

When do you have dinner every night? An added way to bring a spark to your lighting design is to automate changes. The Dinner scene mentioned above can come on automatically each day at 6 p.m. to pull all family members to the dinner table. Each morning a ‘Wake Up’ scene slowly dims light up at a cool temperature to ease you out of your sleep—a much better solution than a blaring alarm clock.

Routines are not for everyone, but scheduled scenes could be a vital tool even then. Deploy 'Circadian Lighting" scenes that adjust your fixtures’ color temperature throughout the day to match sunlight for a more beautiful home and improved wellness. Turn lights on at sunset to ensure your home is never left dangerously in the dark.

Optimize Your Lighting Design Through Sensors

Mastering the lighting in your home requires on-the-go adjustments throughout the day. It’s too much—even with intuitive control options—to expect homeowners to be on top of it all the time. Not only can you use schedules like mentioned above, but you can prepare for more unpredictable changes with sensors.

Sensors will change the intensity of artificial lighting based on the amount of sunlight available to reduce wasted energy and optimize natural light. Having occupancy sensors is another way to eliminate waste while ensuring people have the necessary illumination when they walk into a room. Employ these in outdoor walkways to eliminate dangerous tripping hazards and create a beautiful welcome path for guests.

Ready to add new depth and versatility to your lighting design through these advanced control options? Reach out for more tips from our lighting design experts by giving us a call, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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