What Can I Do With a Smart Home Automation App?

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The Elevated Control Options of Smart Home Automation  

You’re likely already using smartphone apps to interact with the technology in your home. From playing music from your favorite streaming playlist to adjusting lights when you’re reading, all it takes is a few taps to manage your smart devices. But what if you could take this convenience a step further? That’s what smart home automation systems do.  

Enjoy a centralized smart home app for all your devices, available to you even when you’re at work or on vacation. Below, we outline the benefits of creating a one-app ecosystem in your Baton Rouge, LA, with the help of Control4. 

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How to Personalize Your Smart Home Experience

Relish in Technology Designed with Your Unique Needs in Mind

Many clients ask us why they should work with a smart home company when they first reach out. Very few realize we’re there to provide a service rather than just sell them products. Which is why many think going to their local electronics store is a better move. As the go-to smart home company in Lafayette, LA, we bring our own set of experience and expertise to advise you on the best technology. We then design it in a way that elevates your everyday lifestyle.

Though greater reliability may be the biggest perk of working with a smart home company, getting a system tailored to you is just as important. How do you want to interact with your technology? Everyone will have a different answer which is why all our projects have a personal touch in the ways outlined below.

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Manage Technology Your Way

The most significant selling point for many smart devices is the ability to manage everything from a mobile app. However, there may be times when a mobile app is not the best approach. During a movie marathon, a handheld remote will still feel more natural. Need to turn on the lights when your hands are busy? Enjoy hands-free control by linking your smart home to your favorite voice assistant. Each of our installations includes various control solutions, depending on what you feel fits best.

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