How Smart Home Automation Prepares You for Spring


Have the Perfect Technology Solution for All Your Spring Activities

Nestled between the frigid winter months and the muggy summer weather, we’re not surprised spring is so popular among our Louisiana clients. Couple that with long school breaks, and it's the perfect time to spend more time with family and friends. As you prepare to make the most of this season, we wanted to offer some vital technology tips. Below are just some of the ways our clients in New Orleans and the surrounding areas use their smart home automation systems to enjoy greater comfort and fun during the spring months.

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Now Is the Time to Invest in a Smart Home Security System


Upgrading to home security that includes smart features will give you greater peace of mind and control no matter where you are

If you’re feeling a lot of uncertainty about the state of the world right now, you’re not alone. One way to gain greater peace of mind is to ensure your Mandeville, LA, home is as safe and secure as possible with a home security system. Home security is probably top of mind for you right now if you and your family are working and spending increased time at home.

Protect yourself, your family and your property even further by installing a system with smart technology. Smart security can offer you features and benefits that traditional security systems can’t provide. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of upgrading to a smart system today.  

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Make Your Life More Convenient with Smart Home Automation


How to Experience Effortless Living by Making Your New Orleans Home Smarter

As you spend more time indoors in the coming months, wouldn’t it be great if you had a home that can anticipate your needs? Wouldn’t it be great to have control of all your technology in the palm of your hands? Imagine the convenience of seamlessly controlling your lights, AC, security system, and everything else with a simple button press or voice command.  

Experience effortless living by upgrading your home with cutting-edge smart technology solutions. Whether you want to automate a few devices in your rooms or your entire home, your choices are virtually endless. Learn about smart home automation options in New Orleans, LA, by reading more below.


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What It’s Really Like to Live in a Smart Home in New Orleans

Discover All the Incredible Features of Control4 Smart Home AutomationWhen you hear the phrase “smart home” you may think of refrigerators that tell you you’re out of milk, computers that announce your arrival when you come home, or other smart gadgets that make you feel like you’re living in luxury. However, smart home automation goes beyond just “connected living”. The Internet of Things simply means that your dishwasher can connect to the internet, but that doesn’t exactly equate to living in a smart home – at least by our definition.

Acadian Home Theater and Automation would love to explain and show you what it means to live in a smart home in your hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Keep reading to find out for those of you who are new to living an electronic lifestyle.

SEE ALSO: Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Smart Home InstallerExactly what is a smart home?Predictions over what a smart home would look like have ranged greatly. Take a look at The Jetsons or Back to the Future Part 2 and you’ll get an idea of it. But smart home automation is simply about connecting all of your electronics together so that you can start and turn off multiple things at once. It also means that your shades, lighting, security system and more can automatically turn on and off at varying time throughout the day based upon your specifications. Tell your smart home to turn off all the lights at 10 p.m. every night and it will do it for you. All you have to do is hit a button on your phone, tablet, or wall switch (some electronics allow you to use voice activation as well). Living in a smart home also means that you’ll have wireless access to every function. You can connect all of your electronics to your phone so you can control them from anywhere. So even though your smart home may have a fancy refrigerator that can tell you the weather or if you need to buy more milk, smart home automation encapsulates much more.Customizable ControlsControl4 is one of our top smart home partners. They have developed an easy-to-use system that anyone in the family can access – from 9 year olds to your 99-year-old grandmother. With Control4 smart home installation, you can automate your lighting, shading, security and surveillance system, smart locks, home theater, speakers, and the thermostat. Every room can come to life by creating “scenes”. Scenes are saved settings that create specific environments based on your personal needs and desires. For example, create a “Wake-up scene” by using the Control4 app and choosing the motorized drapes to draw and your favorite music playlist to turn on at 7 a.m. The sunlight and music will help you wake up and start the day. Have a pool party coming up? Create a music playlist and save it for the special day, choose a lighting level for your backyard, and a temperature for the pool and hot tub. Every space can be customized to your everyday life.

We hope this blog has been informative and started you on your journey towards smart living. We have much more to share! Send us your questions, comments or orders through the contact form on the website or just give us a call at 225-906-2589.

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