3 Reasons to Add Lighting Automation Early in Your New Home

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Bring an Integrator in from the Start for Easier Financing and a Streamlined Installation 

We’ve detailed the benefits of lighting automation in many of our previous blogs, discussing how intuitive lighting control helps you manage your mood, transform your outdoor spaces, and protect your home. Visualizing the transformative effect of lighting automation may not be hard, but knowing exactly how to add it to your home may not be easy. 

Employing a custom technology integrator is the first step. Since we know the technology well, we will advise you on the best options and install systems that are easy to use and perform well for years to come.

To work our magic in your Tampa, FL, home, though, we need to be brought into your new construction as early as possible. We explain why early collaboration is vital, from easier financing to streamlined installations! 

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The first reason we want to talk to you at the start of your new home construction is that it gives us the ability to collaborate with your architects and interior designers. By working together, the entire team has a blank canvas to ensure form and function merge beautifully. For example, we’ll work with your team to find fixtures that highlight your favorite features and figure out what line of keypads matches your decor. Instead of awkwardly jamming our solutions into an existing framework, your new construction showcases a cohesive look and feel without sacrificing functionality. 


Having that solid relationship with other contractors also makes collaboration easier during the installation phase. A common issue with being brought in late into the project is having to tear down walls and put in change orders to get our lighting automation systems to fit into your home. That will delay your overall project timeline, meaning a later move-in date into your dream home. Instead, we’ll be able to work with architects and builders to ensure walls and ceilings have enough space to include wiring, fixtures, and control panels. 


An often overlooked benefit of bringing a technology expert in early is being able to roll the costs of your lighting automation into your mortgage. The wording in most mortgage contracts ensures homeowners can use the loan to purchase or maintain a home. That means technology upgrades can be lumped into the loan. There are additional monetary benefits to early collaboration. Limiting delays during the installation process, as outlined above, will keep your budget from bloating due to delays and change orders. 


Are you interested in adding lighting automation to your new home? The first step is a one-on-one consultation with our experts to gauge your needs so we can design a tailor-made solution for you. Schedule a consultation by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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