How do I Stream Audio or Video with a Whole House Audio/Video System?


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If you look at how audio and video technology has evolved over the previous 50 years, or even the past five years, you’ll see a dramatic difference. We’ve gone from audio cassette tapes and VHS tapes to CDs and DVDs, and from grainy sound and picture to vivid colors and crystal clear images. Along with those changes in devices is the way we attain and enjoy content. You don’t necessarily have to purchase and own a CD or DVD anymore. You can subscribe to streaming services and get unlimited amounts of movies and music. In this blog, we are going to cover what video and audio streaming is and what the best ways are to access online content using your whole house audio/video system in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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What is video and music streaming?
Video streaming is the process of sending compressed video content over the Internet and displaying it for the viewer in real time. Instead of downloading the video file, or playing a disc, the content can be accessed directly and instantly via the Web. The media is sent in a continuous stream of data and played as it arrives to the screen. Music streaming works in a similar way as music files are compressed and sent via a network connection to your music system, and then through your speakers.

What do I need to stream?
There are a number of ways to use streaming platforms. One way is purchasing a smart TV, which already comes with the most popular services – such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. You can also use a streaming stick, box, or Blu-ray player. Streaming sticks are Wi-Fi enabled, but if the Internet isn’t strong you could experience problems. A wired Ethernet connection, or professional home network like the ones we install, will provide a reliable connection for high-definition movies and games. Smart TVs also have the advantage over sticks and boxes in some respects because they have exclusive content deals with studios to offer more content. In addition, a smart TV has a strong processor to handle Internet content, which helps make navigating and browsing faster.

For music, the top streaming services are Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, and XM Sirius Radio. Some of them are free, like Pandora, and some require a monthly fee for subscription like XM Sirius Radio and Tidal. Like we explained with smart TVs, some wireless speakers or receivers support these streaming services, like Sonos. However, if you already have in-ceiling speakers, or other speakers in your home we can connect the right equipment to give you access to more streaming services so you can listen to unlimited amounts of songs throughout your home. Switching between your personal music collection of CDs or even vinyl and these streaming services will be quick and easy using your smart home interface.

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