How to Protect Your New Orleans Home with Security & Surveillance Systems

Keep an Eye on Your Louisiana Property at All Times with a Security System

Everyone needs to protect their family’s most valued possessions; having a security system in place is not a question; it’s a necessity. But the type of system you have installed in your New Orleans home is crucial. Today’s security systems are incredibly advanced, but you may not know exactly what they can do. How do you know for sure that your system will do the job? Continue reading this blog entry to discover the latest advancements in security and surveillance systems.

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Smart Surveillance Cameras
The surveillance cameras on the market right now have just as good of a picture as an HD TV, meaning you can see incredible detail in all the recorded footage of your home. Surveillance cameras can also be activated by motion sensors so that they only turn on when needed, and they can also capture images at all angles – 360 degrees around. You can view any camera footage in real time through an app on your smartphone or tablet, or look at the clips later when you get home. Get alerts sent to your phone or email anytime an intruder steps into your home. Captured video can be essential for insurance claims if anything goes wrong.

Smart Door LocksYou can lock your door and literally throw away the key with our advanced entry systems. Smart door locks allow you to type in a code to open the door, or use an app on your phone, so that you don’t have to carry a physical key with you. You’ll never have to hire a locksmith to open the door in case you lose it. You can even create multiple codes for various users and then change them at any time for additional security. Forgot to lock the back door but you’re already at work? Open up your smart home app and lock it instantly from miles away. If you have a front gate, we can install a swipe card device at the front to make entry fast and easy for residents.

Pair your smart locks and gate entry system with an intercom to screen visitors before letting them in. For example, if the UPS man stops by to drop off a package, you can get an alert that someone is at the door and then actually see them through your surveillance cameras. Talk to the UPS guy via the intercom and then let him in using the smart lock.

Alarm System
Smart locks and smart cameras do a good job of keeping an eye on your home at all times and securing the property, but an alarm system proactively scares away burglars. As soon as a window is broken or you receive an alert that a stranger is inside, the alarm system turns on with a loud noise and contacts the police. Our monitoring systems ensure that your home is kept safe at all times.

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