How Can Smart Technology Boost Your Interior Design?


Let Smart Home Automation Be Your Ultimate Stylistic Tool

Interior designers are often wary of adding more technology to their clients’ homes. Usually, it means adding bulky, unsightly components that clash completely with their vision. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Not only does smart home automation eliminate those concerns, but it also brings a plethora of benefits for style-minded homeowners. This blog highlights some of the ways smart technology helps, from reducing the equipment needed in each room to making it easier to stage your Tampa, FL home. 

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Centralized Control 

One of the primary reasons that people invest in smart home automation is having all their technology under one umbrella. While this is usually associated with ease-of-use (managing multiple subsystems from one device), centralized control is also a tool interior designers use to reduce clutter. For example, many components like media servers and AV receivers stay hidden away in an AV closet through AV distribution. Meanwhile, centralized lighting control reduces the number of lighting panels, and therefore, wall switches.

Sleek Controls

When you invest in home automation, you not only reduce the number of controls (like remotes, switches, etc.) in the house, but you can also upgrade them to more elegant varieties. Wall switches become custom-engraved keypads available in metal, matte and glass finishes. Replace the mountain of remotes on your coffee tables with dedicated touchpads that let you manage lights, entertainment, climate and more. 

Hidden AV

Some entertainment components like speakers and displays have to be present in the room. However, even these can be camouflaged with the surroundings. Use in-ceiling and in-wall speakers to enjoy high-performance audio that can be heard but not seen. As for those huge black displays? There are a few concealment options available from your smart home automation provider. Opt for displays that mimic mirrors or works of art when not in use. There are also mounts that let you hide the TV within niches in the ceiling, floor or media furniture. 

Lighting Scenes 

Any interior designer knows that lighting is essential to staging a home. It lets you spotlight architectural features, artwork, furnishings and even your wall colors. Smart home automation systems use lighting control to help you find the ideal settings for each room while ensuring lighting flows seamlessly from room to room. First, choose which fixtures you want to activate, at what intensity and even at what color temperature. Then, save these settings into lighting scenes available on-command on your elegant keypads, tablets, mobile apps or even via voice commands. 


Are you interested in technology that fits seamlessly within your home? Schedule a consultation with our smart technology experts for a tailormade system that meets all your lifestyle and stylistic demands. Call us, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to get started. 

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