Do You Know the Key to a Great Home Theater Installation?

Dark theater with gray walls and carpet and lounge chairs facing a large home theater screen.

Focus on the Experience, Not the Specs for the Ultimate Viewing Environment 

Outfitting your home theater with the best audio and video equipment available is a no-brainer. Most AV professionals should be able to guide you on the right speakers, projectors and screens for your theater–especially if they’re dealers for the top AV brands. However, a truly stellar home theater installation delivers more than the sum of its parts. 

Not only should your theater be a place to show off stunning visuals and immersive sound, but it should deliver an unforgettable viewing experience whether you’re watching movies, TV shows, or the latest Saints game. From purposeful, non-obtrusive lighting to custom seating, find out what it takes to deliver a luxury theater environment in your New Orleans-area home.

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Make Your Content Easy to Find 

Your AV quality won’t matter much if you can’t find what you want. Recently, the move to streaming has scattered our content across a dozen different platforms: Disney+, Amazon, Paramount, Netflix, Apple TV, etc. On top of that, many households still use cable or satellite TV and have extensive digital or Blu-ray collections. So we make it easy to watch by placing all content on one platform, like Control4, which you can access via remote, mobile app or dedicated touchpad. 

Optimize the Lighting in the Room 

Though the lighting is not the first thing that comes to mind when envisioning your dream theater, it can make or break your viewing experience. The wrong lighting design could result in washed-out images and glare on your screen. Fixture placement, as well as their intensity and color temperature, make a big difference. 

Add cooler overhead lights for general use and softer, warm accent sconces on the walls for visibility while you watch. Finally, elevate your experience by incorporating advanced lighting control so as you push play, the lights slowly dim as they would in a real cinema. 

Recline in Style With Specialized Seating 

Don’t waste the rest of your home theater setup by choosing the wrong type of seating. First, ensure you work with companies which offer reliable, comfortable models. Then, find ones that match your viewing preferences. For example, it’s tempting to go with rows of leather recliners like you would see in a movie theater, but is that the best option? 

A plush recliner may be better for the family to cuddle under a blanket when watching a scary movie. Corner sectionals are also a great option if you plan to use your theater to host friends for the big game. Our team will help you find a solution that provides the ultimate comfort for the entire family. 


Home theater installations are about more than the AV components in the room. Explore how our team delivers a truly immersive theater experience. Schedule a meeting with our experts by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below. 

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