How to Get the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

Well-lit bathroom featuring wooden cabinets and walls with a walk-in shower and standalone tub.

Explore the Top Lighting Design Tips for Boosting Functionality and Ambiance 

Proper bathroom lighting is vital because the space is used so often and because it's used in so many unique ways. Your lighting needs will change whether you're going in for your morning shower, preparing your makeup or taking a relaxing bath. So why settle for a few overhead lights and an on-off switch on the wall? Your bathroom deserves so much more.

This blog showcases some must-have additions, from specialized task lighting to tunable fixtures. The result is a lighting design suited for all your needs while boosting the beautiful design of the bathrooms in your New Orleans, LA, home.

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6 Ways to Control the Lighting in Your Louisiana Home

Different Ways to Access Your Lighting Control System

Lighting control is one of the best features of home automation because it’s convenient, helps you save energy, and makes your Covington, Louisiana home look beautiful. While there are a lot of practical benefits, such as saving money on your utility bills, there’s also the benefit of being able to control your lights different ways. You get to decide how you want to brighten or dim your house. Continue reading to learn more.

SEE ALSO: How to Incorporate Lighting into Your Interior DesignDimmers: Dimmers allow you to raise or lower the lighting to varying degrees, instead of simply turning the lights completely on or off. Years ago, dimmers typically were round knobs on the wall that you would turn to the right or left. However, today we have more sophisticated controls to change lighting levels. Lutron for example, has a new LED lighting strip, called the Grafik T, which brightens as you raise the lights to a high level and darkens as they go down low. The lighting strip comes on with just the touch of your finger. We also have up and down buttons that you press to change the setting.

Keypads: Another way to control your lights is through custom keypads on the wall. These keypads can be tailored to any home automation scene you like. For example, you could list, “All on,” “All off,” “Movie,” Good Morning” and “Goodnight” on the keypad in your kitchen. And, every keypad could be different in every room of your home for different functions. Imagine walking out the door in the morning for work and simply pressing “All off”.  The best part about the keypads is that you never have to guess which switch does what; they are all labeled.

Mobile App: Having control keypads in your home is a must have for quick and easy access while you’re hanging around the house, but mobile apps take your control system a step further and let you access your lighting from any location in the world. With a strong network and a smart home app on your phone, you turn off any light in the house. Download the mobile app on your smartphone, tablet, or even your smart watch to manage the features of your home.

Occupancy Sensors: These sensors allow you to turn on your lights just by walking into an area. Sensors are installed at key points on the walls so as soon as you go into a room, the lights come on. When you leave, they go off. This technology particularly helps you save energy because you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn the light off when to leave the room. Your smart home does it for you.

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