How to Enjoy the Ultimate Entertainment Experience in Your Louisiana Home

Use These 3 Whole House Audio/Video SolutionsWhether you are a tech geek, or are just starting to learn more about what the term smart home means, the phrase “whole house audio/video” can still be a foreign term to people. What exactly does that mean? We’re here to share that it doesn’t simply mean that you have audio and video products in every room. It means that your audio and video systems are interconnected, giving you sophisticated controls to enact sophisticated sequences. Continue reading to discover what a whole house audio/video system would look like in your Covington, Louisiana home.

SEE ALSO: Top 3 Benefits of a Whole House Audio/Video SystemWhole House AudioSure you could put a wireless speaker in every room and call it “whole house audio” but the system is more complex than that. You could easily put speakers in every room, but that doesn’t mean they will be interconnected. By working with a professional like us, you can install speakers in every room and they play the same song on all of them. So as you move from room to room you can hear the tune everywhere. The sound will also be evenly distributed. We know exactly where the speakers should go to give you a uniform sound. With whole house audio, you can also group certain speakers together. For example, dad can listen to sports radio outside on the patio while mom listens to pop hits inside while making lunch. Each person has control over what they want to listen to and where. One added benefit of using our systems is that you can expand music options with streaming services like Pandora, Tidal, and Sirius XM Radio.

Whole House VideoWhole house video works in a similar fashion to the audio system, but the application is different. Typically you’ll sit in one room to watch something whereas the location isn’t as important with audio; you can move around and still enjoy it. One unique thing you can do however, is easily change rooms mid-program. So for example if you start watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens in your media room downstairs, but then halfway through you decide you want to finish it in bed, you can pause the movie, turn the TV off, walk upstairs, and start it up again in your room without having to take the Blu-ray disc with you.

The reason this is unique is because all of your cable boxes, Blu-ray players, and other video components are stored inside a closet or other area. Matrix switches direct the content from room to room without having to move discs between players. Not only will this save you time setting up the movie, but it will also take away all that extra clutter. All the wires and boxes are hidden out of sight. If you want to play the same program on all your TVs in the house, you can do that too. It would be a perfect solutions for when you have friends over to watch a baseball or football game. Some guests can watch outside, while others hang out in the kitchen or living room.

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