4 Must-Have Control4 Features for Your Home


Increase Your Technology’s Efficiency and Gain Peace of Mind With These Upgrades

Known for its commitment to innovation, Control4 always comes up with new ways to improve the smart home experience. Our role as Control4 dealers is to educate both existing and potential clients on the smart home control upgrades that would most improve their lifestyle. The features we outline here are ones we recommend both for new constructions and retrofit installations. So how do they offer greater convenience and customization in your New Orleans, LA home? Keep reading to find out!

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Voice Control

Even though voice control has been a dream for homeowners for decades, it didn't reach mainstream application until the release of Amazon Alexa in 2014. Realizing its growing popularity, Control4 quickly integrated it into its ecosystem. Since then, they've also incorporated other popular voice assistants like Google Home and Josh.ai. Viewed as the standard for luxury systems due to its added customization, natural speech AI and privacy protection, Josh.ai is now the go-to voice control partner for Control4. Easily voice commands without learning exact phrases and trigger multiple actions (like lights turning on, TV powering up and doors locking) with one simple order.

4Sight Upgrades

Not only does Control4 improve your experience at home, but it also keeps you connected to your property at all times through the 4Sight subscription. Do you worry about leaving doors unlocked or lights on when you leave the house? Access all your home technology from anywhere in the world and make any needed changes with the 4Sight upgrade.

You can also take advantage of the WhenàThen feature when upgrading to 4Sight. Tailor system settings to your needs and save them into curated scenes within your app. Just sign in to your app and set your parameters. For example, create an Away scene that turns off the lights, locks your doors, sets the alarm and programs the thermostat to eco-mode.

Apple Watch Favorites

Need to make changes quickly? Don’t waste time pulling out your phone; instead, control all your favorite devices right from your wrist. With the latest Control4 software update, you’re able to manage your smart home from your Apple Watch and even choose favorites that you'd like to show up on your home screen. Enjoy immediate access to the devices and rooms that you use most. 

Remote Management

Even the best smart home installations need some love and care to perform at their best. An added perk of working with Control4 is access to the OvRC platform. Through this tool, our team of experts can monitor your system to check for any downtime or disconnected devices then remotely make adjustments to get everything up and running. If any updates become available, we’ll run them for you to install security patches and activate any new features.

Take your smart home to the next level with Control4's innovative solutions. Enjoy greater comfort, efficiency and reliability by partnering with us for your next project. Get started by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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