Do You Have the Best Lighting in Your Home Office?

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Our Lighting Design Experts Ensure Greater Comfort and Efficiency When Working from Home 

Usually, the two biggest complaints in corporate offices regard temperature and lighting. An American Society of Interior Design study found that 68% of office employees think the lighting is too dim or too bright. Often the wrong lighting causes headaches, eye strain, and fatigue. Overall, the result is diminished motivation and productivity. 

During the last couple of years, most workplaces have shifted to hybrid or fully work-from-home environments. This presents a unique opportunity to create the ideal work environment from scratch in the comfort of home. Below, we showcase how some ways our lighting designs help you eliminate common issues in your New Orleans, LA, home office. 

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The Importance of Natural Lighting 

Our internal clocks rely on natural lighting, which is why it’s so important to have ample access to it in your home office. For example, the early morning hues of the sunrise encourage you to be more active. You’re more likely to focus with the cool, bright lights of midday. Our lighting designers integrate motorized shades and circadian lighting to take advantage of this.

Use motorized shades to easily open and close them based on the availability of sunlight. Rely on photosensors for this change for the ultimate hands-off approach. Use tunable LED lights to simulate sunlight in your office on cloudy days or if your workday starts before the sun rises. Usually, we recommend ambient fixtures set to the 2700 – 3000K range. 

Employing a Layered Lighting Design 

Layered lighting is another must for your home office. Start with traditionally ambient lighting provided by in-ceiling fixtures for an even layer of light throughout the office. Then, incorporate additional task and accent lighting as needed. For example, if you do a lot of reading as part of your job, add a desk light to avoid strain. 

Lighting should be stimulating to boost your mood and productivity. Create this stimulating environment by adding chandeliers, sconces or LED track lighting. This lighting should highlight your favorite aspects of your home office, whether it's artwork, your diploma, or family photos. 

Take Control of Your Lighting 

Lighting issues in corporate offices often have to do with its inflexibility. During the day, you may want to adjust the color temperature or intensity of lights to match your workflow, but that’s hard to do when dozens of employees need to agree on the ‘right’ lighting. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem when working from home. Employ intuitive lighting control from Lutron and easily adjust lights using a mobile app, schedules, or even voice commands. 

Boost your productivity by upgrading the lighting in your home office. With years of experience, we can design a solution that meets your unique needs. Schedule a call with our team by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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