What Are the Best Motorized Shade Options for Kitchens?


Choosing the Ideal Fabrics and Controls for Your Tampa, FL Home 

Marry form and function in an unprecedented way by adding motorized shades to your modern kitchen. These shades allow you to control natural light easily for greater energy savings, enhanced aesthetic appeal, and improved comfort. Given the unique demands of the kitchen, from the need for variable light control to considerations around humidity and ease of cleaning, it's important to select the right motorized shades. In this blog, we go into what motorized shades are, how to choose the right ones for your space, and why we partner with Lutron for all our projects in Tampa, FL. 

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5 Home Theater Trends You Should Incorporate This Year

A luxury home theater displaying the Kaleidescape system on a high-end projector.

Make the Most of Your Home Theater System with Our Solutions!

Home theaters are one of the most luxurious additions you can make to your home in New Orleans, LA. With their ability to create immersive entertainment experiences that your family and friends will love, it is no surprise that the popularity of home theater systems has grown in recent years. Moreover, with advancements in technology, creating a captivating home theater experience has become more accessible than ever. However, you should keep in mind that staying updated with design trends is crucial to fully immerse in the cinematic experience. 

From acoustics to aesthetics and everything in between, incorporating the latest trends is a sure way to enhance the overall ambiance and audio-visual experience. But what exactly are these trends? That’s exactly what this blog is about, so keep reading to find out!

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How to Eliminate Dreaded Home Networking Dead Spots


Professional Networking Services and Cutting-Edge Technology Deliver Comprehensive Coverage 

Having a large luxury home is a dream come true for many, but it often comes with challenges—especially regarding connectivity. A robust home network is no longer a luxury. It's a necessity for modern living. In Tampa, where the climate allows for extensive outdoor living spaces, the need for a strong Wi-Fi signal inside and outside the home becomes even more critical. 

However, larger properties often suffer from Wi-Fi dead spots, where the signal is weak or nonexistent. Off-the-shelf home networking installations from your internet service provider may offer some relief but often fall short of providing comprehensive internet connections. So, how can you ensure every corner of your property has a strong wired and wireless signal? 

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Host the Ultimate Backyard Party With Outdoor Audio


Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Outdoor Sound Environment

As the weather cools down in Tampa, FL, it's time to dust off the patio furniture and head outdoors! The crisp air and the golden hues of the setting sun create the perfect backdrop for social events. But what truly elevates an outdoor gathering from good to unforgettable is the quality of your outdoor audio. The right playlist emanating from perfectly placed speakers can set the mood, keep the party going, and turn your backyard into the social hub you've always dreamt of. In this guide, we'll delve into how you can host a backyard party that entertains and impresses your guests with exceptional outdoor audio.

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Is It Time to Make Your Home AV Wireless?


A Guide to Making the Right Choice Between Wired and Wireless

Home entertainment has undergone a seismic shift over the past few years. The options are endless, from smart TVs with endless content to home audio systems that make you feel like you're in the front row at a live concert. 

One of the biggest shifts has been the growth of wireless home technologies. That leaves homeowners with a dilemma: should you opt for the sleek, modern convenience of a wireless system or stick with the tried-and-true performance of a wired setup? This blog offers insights into why we offer hybrid home AV solutions for our clients in New Orleans. 

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The Art of Acoustic Zoning in Commercial Audio Video Systems


How to Keep Diners Happy and Staff Efficient at Your Restaurant

Imagine walking into a restaurant where the atmosphere is just as appetizing as the menu. Soft jazz music complements the low chatter of satisfied customers, and the aroma of freshly cooked meals fills the air. Now, imagine this idyllic setting disrupted by the loud clanging of pots and pans from the kitchen or blaring music from the bar area. The ambiance suddenly turns into a cacophony of discordant sounds. This is where the art of acoustic zoning comes into play for your New Orleans restaurant.

Acoustic zoning is the strategic use of commercial audio video to create distinct auditory environments within different restaurant areas. It's about more than setting the right playlist for your dining room. It's about making sure announcements or specials can be heard clearly without overpowering the background music. And most importantly, it's about enhancing the overall dining experience for your customers and facilitating efficient communication among staff. 

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How Can Your Home Benefit from Wi-Fi 6?


Revamp Your Smart Home Performance With the Latest Wireless Standard

For most luxury homes in New Orleans, LA, it’s becoming the norm to have dozens of connected devices throughout the property. These smart devices –ranging from speakers to security cameras-often use the wireless network to communicate and coordinate. Unfortunately, though wireless networks may be convenient, they also tend to be unreliable when they reach this scope.

Enter Wi-Fi 6. As connected devices take root, the industry has taken note and introduced this new protocol featuring a wide array of upgrades set to transform how smart homes function. Read on to see how Wi-Fi 6 home networking brings instant improvement to your Netflix binges, at-home video conferences, and online gaming sessions.

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How DIY Security Cameras Put Your Family at Risk


DIY Products and Installations Make Your Network More Vulnerable

Surveillance cameras are one of the most popular DIY security solutions on the market. Over the years, the ability to watch live surveillance feeds on a mobile app from anywhere in the world has made them a go-to option for families in New Orleans, LA, and throughout the country.

Network-connected cameras (also called IP cameras) offer a world of convenience, not just for homeowners. Unfortunately, they're also prime territory for hackers. Cameras connected to the network have IP addresses that are easy to find, so hackers can search through them to find ones vulnerable to attack.

By working with a professional for your home surveillance, you can take a few steps to make sure you don't become their next target.

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Is Your Home Networking Protected from Cyber Attacks?


Find Out What Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Family and Data

As connected devices and smart homes become more prevalent, there needs to be greater awareness about the threat of an unsecured network. Research from a cybersecurity firm recently showed millions of popular smart devices are vulnerable to hackers. Often, devices are targeted as part of a larger DDoS attack, meaning you don’t have to be a high-profile figure to be at risk.

It’s impossible to make your New Orleans, LA home entirely unhackable. It's still vital to understand the most common threats and the ways you can bolster your home networking to better protect your family as well as sensitive personal and business data.

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How to Prepare Your Network for Cutting the Cord


Strong Wi-Fi Expands Your Entertainment to Every Corner of Your Home

With almost every major broadcaster and media company now boasting their own streaming network, the urge to cut the cord is stronger than ever. Whether you want to dive deep into the Star Wars or Marvel universes on Disney Plus or watch the latest prestige show on HBO GO, the possibilities are practically endless. While sign-up to these services is super easy, you need to ensure your home is prepared to transform to a fully streaming environment.

We don’t want watching your movies or shows to be as big a headache as it might be to cancel that cable subscription. In this blog, we highlight common pitfalls of cutting the cord and showcase home networking solutions that will foster the perfect viewing environment in your Baton Rouge, LA home.

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How High-End Audio Changes the Way You Enjoy Music


Experience the Superior Sound of Hi-Fi Audio

Do you want a high-end listening experience? Then you need a hi-fi audio system that never compromises on sound quality. The problem is there are many speakers and electronics on the market that look the part. But looks can be deceiving. If you don’t have a keen eye and ear, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment once you listen to music through the system at home. 

Instead of falling for all the “bells and whistles” these systems offer, be an informed consumer – even an audiophile! Read more to see how you can get premium, high-end audio in your Baton Rouge, LA, home. Our blog explains the difference between a true hi-fi audio system and standard setups that simply look the part.

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