Security & Surveillance Solutions for Your Baton Rouge Home

Protect Your Home with Control4 Security SolutionsA security system that is connected to your smart home system is quite different than simply having an alarm or a few cameras around your Baton Rouge, LA home. Since we are Control4 dealers, we choose to install their security and surveillance solutions because they are easy to use and very versatile. While there are different ways to install a security system in your house, in this blog we’ll give you an overview on how Control4 systems differ and why they have additional benefits over traditional systems.

SEE ALSO: How to Protect Your New Orleans Home with Security & Surveillance SystemsIntegrate Every FeatureWhen you have a Control4 smart home, your security isn’t a standalone system – it’s integrated with every other feature of your house. For example, you’ll be able to set your alarm, shut the blinds, and turn off the lights all by pressing one button. It’s also easily expandable so if you want us to install smart locks later on, or more cameras, we can easily tie them into your home.

Use Wireless TechnologyPlenty of alarm systems can be controlled by your phone today, but what about your smart watch? Do you get automatic alerts based on smart sensors? Control4 systems are capable of much more because you can receive notifications on your phone, smart watch, or computer the second something isn’t right – like a pipe leaking, or a garage door that is left open. The benefit is that your smart home is keeping an eye on every part of your home for you, and doing the work of alerting you when something goes awry. With wireless technology at your fingertips, you can also easily check on your home while you’re away by opening up real-time video footage, looking at past videos via cloud-based memory, and seeing the status of door locks on your user interface.

Mockupancy Settings“Mockupancy” simply means that your home will look occupied when it’s actually empty. Create a scene with your Control4 app by setting certain features to turn on a varying times. For example, your smart home will lower the shades at noon, and then raise them at 3 p.m. As soon as it gets dark, the lights and TVs will turn on to simulate you’re there. By simulating your family’s normal, everyday activities, you’ll have additional peace of mind while you’re away.

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