Solutions for Designers: What About That TV?

A great home interior always maintains a consistent scheme throughout.  Architects and designers work closely to create the kind of ambience the homeowner client desires. Sometimes, though, introducing technology into a room can interfere with that ambience...but it doesn't have to!  Certainly not when you have experienced technology experts who keep "design magic" on hand for just such an occasion!

Since an "Old World" look is so popular with finer homes, we thought we'd demonstrate a problem and suggest some solutions.

Problem. The home below has a certain look its trying to achieve.  With the furniture removed, its easier to see the problem:

That TV!  What's that doing in a room like this?  Well, truth be told, it probably needs to be there as a main place for family gatherings.  But we would suggest hiding it exactly where it is now!  We'll show you how a little further in this article.  You might also notice the speakers to either side (visible just beyond the columns) and another center speaker right above that flatscreen?  Painting the grills to match the room is a great idea.  But if you want those to be impossible to see, we recommend speakers like LiveWall.  Even your painter will never know they are there!

Solution A.  Let's suppose you, your architect and your designer have collaborated on a room with the following look:

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Invisible Speakers

“Invisible” speakers seem almost impossible to grasp unless you’ve seen them in action!  Imagine standing right in front of a wall speaker seeing nothing but a drywall surface yet with your favorite music emanating from that very surface.

Yes, they do exist and audio-video integrators have been using them since the 1990’s.  Loved by architects and interior designers,

these speakers are ideal for the main gathering space in your home because their appearance (which doesn’t exist) doesn’t interfere in any way with the décor or design of the room.  But they are not as popular as you might think…for two good reasons.

First, they’re not inexpensive.  Second, while they sound good, they don’t sound as impressive as similarly-priced flush-mounted speakers.  That’s why we carry Live-Wall Speakers.  These speakers produce convincing soundstage with plenty of nuance and detail.  Everything is about enjoying the end-result and these speakers were engineered to produce the kind of resilient sound we expect from the systems we install.

Most previous invisible speakers suffer from a somewhat veiled sound that didn't have extended high or low frequency response. Manufacturers would try to compensate for this by using special equalizers that added to cost and complexity, and only partially solved the problem. Live-Wall not only clears that hurdle but creates such a broad and even sound dispersion that it is difficult to determine audibly just where in the wall the sound is centered!

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