What Are the Benefits of Working with A Control4 Dealer?

Give Your New Orleans Home A Strong, Reliable Smart Home System

 Since 2003, Control4 has been bringing customized automation and control solutions to residences and businesses across the globe. They’ve developed a reputation for comprehensive, dependable control systems that integrate a home or office’s technology in a streamlined central interface, and as smart devices evolve, Control4 evolves with them.

If you want to create a highly functional smart home that is personalized for your family’s habits and activities, you want to work with a Control4 dealer like Acadian Home Theater & Automation. We understand how to work with all of your devices and bring them together in a shared system. Keep reading to find out how we can upgrade your New Orleans home with a robust smart home control system.


One Company for All Your Technology

When you’re working with an expansive smart home control system, you have to deal with many different devices that all have their own specific installation and operating needs. The experts at Acadian have the knowledge and expertise to design, install, program, and maintain all the individual components of an extensive smart home system, saving you from having to reach out to different companies for your smart lighting, motorized shades, and media distribution.

We know which technologies will integrate best with the Control4 system, and we'll design a smart home system that delivers the optimal performance of both individual components and the larger network. This means installing an audio system that works with the unique acoustics of each space to provide maximum sound coverage. Installing lights and motorized shades and programming specific scenes that adjust both technologies to change the ambiance of a room with the push of a button is easy. Want to add a security system to your home? We can set up surveillance cameras, electronic locks, and sensors that protect your family and property.


Strengthen and Secure Your Home Network

A key element of your Control4 system is your home network, and without a powerful Internet connection, your automated technology isn't going to operate as smoothly as it should. We evaluate the power of your network and show you just how much stress it is under. With all of your home's smart technology, plus all of the information transmitted to and from your family's personal devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets you may not know your system’s capabilities.

If your network can't handle the pressure, we'll give it a performance boost as well as offer wireless solutions so that you get Wi-Fi everywhere you need it in your home. Perhaps most importantly, we'll improve the security of your network so that all of those device connections don't leave your information vulnerable to cyber-criminals.

Want to learn more about how a Control4 dealer like Acadian can enrich your New Orleans home? Reach out to one of our experts at 225-650-7840 or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.


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