What You Need to Know About Budgeting Your Smart Home Project

Design Your Dream Home in the Most Efficient Way Possible

The rising popularity of IoT devices has made it easier than ever to embrace the power of smart home control. Once considered a niche industry, smart homes have gone mainstream. With so many options available now, it can be tough for people to navigate this terrain without a little bit of help. Having a smart home professional on hand will make a huge difference.

To get the most out of this emerging technology in your Baton Rouge, LA home, you want to have a professional installation. Integrated homes get all your devices working together and let you manage them all from one central interface—like the brand new Control4 OS 3. The next step after choosing to upgrade to a custom smart home is figuring out the best way to budget for success.

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Network Infrastructure

A smart home functions in part by getting all your devices to communicate with each other through your network. So, a big bulk of your budget needs to go to bolstering both your hardwired and wireless connections. There also need to be security measures included like firewalls and encryption to keep anyone from hacking your devices.

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How Important is Lighting Control to Your Outdoor Spaces?

Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Lighting With Diverse Control Options

During our meetings with clients, we talk to them about how to use mobile apps, sensors, and dimmers to optimize their lighting. Usually, conversations focus on the indoors—where people spend up to 90 percent of their time. But it's important to know smart lighting control is vital for outdoor spaces as well. Even when you're not using them, the right lighting still leaves a significant mark.

With lighting conditions subject to change at any time and security paramount, you need a proactive and intuitive way to manage all your fixtures. How can you use some of those same tools you use indoors to optimize your outdoor spaces? Each of the sections below highlights an essential benefit of outdoor lighting and the ideal means to bring it into your Mandeville, LA home.

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Stay Ahead of the Darkness

Sunlight does a great job of illuminating your outdoor spaces throughout the day, but do you have an efficient way to transition into nighttime without being left in the dark? A smart lighting control system lets you use timers linked to astronomical clocks. These automatically turn external fixtures on when the sun sets and turn them off again when the sun rises. You stay safe and comfortable without wasting energy.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

Through dedicated scenes and motion sensors, design the ideal lighting to greet guests when they approach your home. Have a 'Welcome" scene that activates whenever someone pulls into your driveway. On command, all the fixtures lining your driveway turn on as do all path lights leading up to your front door. The main goal is safety here, but for new guests, it's also an ideal way to guide them to the entry you want them to use when they arrive.

Boost Your Outdoor Design

Showcase your favorite landscape decorations or your home's best architectural features with specialized fixtures from Coastal Source. A smart lighting control system makes it easy to use an app or on-wall keypad to alternate what you spotlight on a given day. Let us craft custom lighting scenes that each bring attention to fountains, gardens, or statues on your property.

Bolster Your Security

There are a lot of ways lighting also enhances your safety if used properly. Use path lighting linked to motion sensors to reduce tripping hazards. You should also integrate lighting with your security system. One thing intruders hate is being noticed. The second they set off motion sensors on your perimeters, drown them in bright lights to let them know you see them. These lights will also help you get better footage from your security cameras.

Enhance Your Comfort

Do you want to sit back and have a drink, host a pool party for the kids, or grill for friends on the patio? Efficiently transition your lighting for any situation through the use of smart scenes you pull up from a mobile app or keypad. Add in the rest of your smart home technology for optimal results! Take a "Grilling" scene, for example.  It switches on the patio’s overhead lighting and the light over the grill, turns on the fan to keep smoke from accumulating, and starts playing your favorite cooking playlist.

Are you ready to embrace the outdoors with a custom smart lighting control solution? Not only will you have more comfortable living spaces, but you’ll also boast the most beautiful house on the block. Our experts can help if you call us at 225.906.2589, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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Maximize Your Smart Home Security with Control4 Automation [Video]

Gain Peace of Mind from Louisiana’s Only Control4 Diamond Dealer

With nearly 35,000 burglaries a year in Louisiana, how do you protect your family and belongings? Luxury homeowners have made a significant investment to create a high-end property, and more importantly, they want to ensure that their families will be safe and secure in the event of an attempted break-in. The Control4 smart home system offers a variety of features to put your worries at ease.

Acadian Home Entertainment & Automation is Louisiana’s only Diamond Control4 dealer, an honor we’ve received because we’re committed to detail-oriented, personalized custom installations. We want our clients to live without fear, and here are some ways a Control4 system can enhance your Lafayette home’s security with an intuitive, comprehensive control network.

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Fortify Your Home with Lock and Sensor Control
The bigger the home, the more potential weak spots in security, and it can be difficult to make sure you’ve locked every door before leaving the house. Control4 allows you to access all the locks and sensors on your property, and if you’ve accidentally left a door unlocked, all it takes is a tap to lock it again. Do you tend to leave your garage door open? A Control4 system can be programmed to shut it automatically if it’s lifted for an extended period, and that time frame is easy to change if you need to keep the door up longer. Check out the video below to see just how simple it is to keep track of locks and sensors with Control 4.


Automatically Activate Lights and Sound to Ward Off Intruders
The quickest way to get a burglar off your property is to let them know they can be seen, and sensors around the home can turn on lights and sound if they detect a human intruder. Flashing lights and a message warning that you’ve contacted the authorities will stop the trespasser before they reach your door. Remember the scene in Home Alone when Kevin sets up an elaborate fake party in his house to fool the burglars? It’s possible to achieve the same effect with far less effort thanks to home automation, and Control4 can be programmed with a lighting scene that makes your home appear occupied if you're away on vacation. You could even incorporate audio to sell the illusion further.

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Keep an Eye on Your Property with Surveillance Cameras
Seeing real-time footage of your property is the best way to monitor it, and setting up security cameras lets you know if there are any unwanted visitors on the property. Because privacy is an increasingly important concern, Acadian can also install a trustworthy Firewall to ensure that no one has access to this network except for authorized users. Cameras can be installed both inside and outside your home, and the video below showcases how Control4 serves as a central hub to navigate each different surveillance sector.


These are just a few of the many features Control4 offers to enrich your Lafayette smart home, and you can contact Acadian Home Entertainment to learn more about their services from Louisiana’s most acclaimed Control4 dealer.

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Smart Security Tools to Keep Your Home Safe in 2019

Home automation brings you peace of mind with powerful, easy-to-use security and surveillance devices

Do you leave your home unprotected while you head to work each day? Are you heading to the beach for spring break in the near future? Any summer vacations planned?

All these situations are reasons to re-evaluate your home security needs. According to statistics from the Baton Rouge Police Department, there were 3,229 burglaries and 8,504 larceny cases in 2017, the most recent year available.

You want to make sure your home and your loved ones are protected, and that’s where smart home technology can be a great ally. Let’s look at how automation improves the home security system of your Baton Rouge residence.

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It’s high time for you to ditch your keys in favor of digital smart locks. Typically, smart locks are unlocked using a numeric code or from an app; no more hiding a key for either yourself or guests when you give them a one-time-use code. This makes smart locks a significantly stronger security tool than analog locks.

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