What Makes for a Great Home Theater Screen?


Screen Innovations Gets You the Best Picture Quality Possible

Home theater designs often focus on the high-end electronics in the room. Usually, people spend big money on their displays, projectors, speakers and AV receivers and skimp on the rest. Naturally, they care about the television they put in the room or what type of projector they use. Those that choose projectors, though, sometimes think they can skimp on the screen.

Do screens even matter if you have a top tier projector? Yes. Relying on entry-level screens, or in some extreme cases the wall itself, will negate all the benefits you're getting from that high-performance 4K projector. Each design will be different, but we outline some of the things you need to consider when searching for the perfect screen for your Lafayette, LA home. 

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5 Essential Things to Consider in Your Home Theater Design



Ensure the Best Viewing Experience with a Design Addressing Your Unique Needs

Not everything in your home theater comes down to the quality of your speakers and display. Your overall home theater design is just as vital. A clear plan when it comes to screen size, sources, and speaker layout will result in better quality from each of your components.

But what makes for a good home theater design? Even though there are some standards all installers follow, it will ultimately come down to your unique needs and limitations.  If you’re looking to upgrade your theater or start a new one from scratch in your Lafayette, LA home, you want to address each of the questions below when getting started.

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