Improve Smart Home Automation with Nano device in white finish installed on a vertical surface.

Acadian Brings This Game-Changing Voice Assistant to Floridians’ Homes

Hands-free voice-assisted smart home automation is transforming how Floridians interact with their homes. By leveraging systems like, you can control lighting, indoor climate, and entertainment with a few simple voice commands. goes beyond reacting to voice commands, though. It’s an intuitive, AI-smart platform that respects your personal data while enhancing every technology interaction on your Tampa-area property.

Explore the top benefits of personalizing your smart home with Josh, the voice assistant that makes daily routines easier and more enjoyable in the Sunshine City.

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Crafting the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

A home theater space featuring comfy seating, acoustical treatments, and a large screen display.

A Dive into Design, Comfort & Acoustics

Creating the ultimate home theater is about much more than just watching movies! Setting up your ideal theatrical space is about replicating a cinematic experience in the comfort and intimacy of your own home.

This involves a combination of specialized design elements, from acoustical treatment to lighting and seating. In this blog, we’ve put together a guide to designing a home theater that rivals any movie-going experience.

Keep reading for more on upgrading your Tampa, FL, property’s home theater design and setup.

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