Zoned Climate Control: The Solution to Inconsistent Temperatures


Get the Perfect Temperature for Any Room or Time of Day With Control4 

Comfort and energy efficiency are two pillars of any luxury home, yet many homeowners grapple with inconsistent temperatures undermining both. Whether it's an upstairs bedroom that's always too hot or a perpetually chilly media room, these temperature variations are more than a nuisance. They lead to frequent thermostat adjustments, escalating energy bills, and constant discomfort. 

But what if there was a way to maintain the perfect temperature in every room without breaking the bank? With zoned climate control, you can! It’s a game-changer for our clients in Baton Rouge when integrated with smart systems like Control4. You’ll have unparalleled control over your Louisiana home's climate. Below, we explain what causes these inconsistent temperatures and how a zoned climate control installation is the ultimate solution.

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3 Proactive Ways to Use Your Climate Control During the Summer

Woman using an on-wall thermostat to adjust the temperature in her home.

Stave Off the Hot Weather With the Help of Your Smart Technology

In New Orleans, LA, summers are some of the hottest, muggiest in the country. After a long day out, you want to return to a perfectly climate-controlled environment. Let yourself relax in a home cooled to your specifications, without excessive energy use. Our climate control solutions help you stay a step ahead of the scorching heat. 

It starts with smart thermostats that adjust to your routines and preferences, but it goes beyond that, so even your outdoor spaces get a reprieve from the summer. Read on to find out how we ensure your home is at the right temperature at all times! 

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How to Take Climate Control Beyond Temperature Management


Enhance Your Health and Comfort with Smart Climate Control

During the hot, muggy Baton Rouge summers, your thermostat is your home's best friend. Smart thermostats from Control4 help to anticipate your needs, so you're always met with the perfect temperature when you wake up or return from a long day at work. Having a climate control solution integrated into your home automation, though, involves a lot more than just a thermostat that knows your favorite temperature settings.

According to the EPA, 96 percent of homes deal with air quality issues, and as we spend more time indoors, it's vital to address this risk to your family's health. Use your climate control to improve your overall health by having it actively improve your air quality through event-based air cleaning, ventilation and dehumidification. 

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Smart Climate Control: Another Way to Make Your Home Smarter


Take Control of Your Home’s Heating and Air System with the Touch of a Button

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a thermostat that adjusts to your schedule and changes with the weather? When you have a smart climate control system, your home in Baton Rouge, LA, becomes more intelligent – making you more comfortable. Not only does an automated climate control system to learn from your routines, but it also works in sync with your motorized shades to achieve the optimal temperature in your home all year long.

Adjusting your thermostat throughout the day is now a thing of the past. Read our blog to find out how smart climate control makes your life more enjoyable.

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