The 5 Benefits of a Fully Integrated Smart Home


How a Professional Goes Above the DIY Smart Home Experience

Every day a new smart device hits the market, promising a revolutionary way to manage lights, shades, climate, security and more. On top of that, they promise to be easy plug-in-and-play installations. DIY smart homes, though, come with many limitations and headaches. 

Not only could you end up with a clutter of apps that end up slowing down your day rather than improving it, but you could also be adding dangerous vulnerabilities to your network. Our technicians make smart home control a breeze, offering safe, reliable solutions tailored to your lifestyle. 

This blog highlights the main reasons going with a professional installation is the best option for your Baton Rouge, LA home. 

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1. A Stress-Free Installation 

Adding smart devices to your home takes a lot of work. Even if everything goes smoothly, installing multiple products, adding them to your network, and linking them together can take hours. When an issue does arise, it can take another few hours to figure out where things went wrong. Employ a professional to take care of the heavy work so you can sit back and relax while still reaping all the benefits of a smart home lifestyle. 

2. A Unified One-App Solution 

One of the most common complaints of DIY smart home installations is app clutter. App control sounds great until you realize you have to juggle a dozen apps for lights, security, and entertainment daily. Enjoy a seamless experience by placing all your technology under the same platform. Manage all your devices from the Control4 platform using a mobile app, dedicated touchpad or elegant wall switches. 

3. Advanced Customization Options  

DIY smart homes usually feature isolated devices functioning at their standard factory settings. Your home tech professional can design an ecosystem that is easy to adjust to your unique needs and preferences, from the technology you include to how you use it. Have greater versatility in your smart home control and get all your devices working as one. Our techs can set up scenes that let you manage multiple devices and subsystems simultaneously so that you can pull up your favorite settings for movie night, security and more at the touch of a button. 

4. Enhanced Network Security

Each device you add to your home, especially those with remote access, adds a new port of entry to your network. Not only does a professional bolster your overall network security through firewalls and encryption solutions as part of your installation, but they only work with high-end manufacturers known for their robust security protocols. They also place remote features under one platform—in our case, Control4to reduce the entry points available for cyber-attacks. 

5. Ongoing Support & Maintenance 

All technology benefits from love and care. There may be issues down the line due to connectivity, software updates, or product wear and tear. Support and maintenance are vital components of any installation. Enjoy 24/7 support and proactive monitoring with issues often resolved before you even notice them. Via ongoing maintenance, we extend all your devices' lifespans. 


Now is the perfect time to embrace the ultimate smart home lifestyle. Make your home technology dreams a reality by reaching out to one of our experts by giving us a call, filling out our contact form, or chatting with a live chat representative below. 

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