4 Awesome Outdoor Entertainment Ideas for the Whole Family


Take Advantage of Your Decked Out Spaces with These Activities

Now that the weather is warming up in New Orleans, LA, it's the perfect time to take advantage of your home's beautiful outdoor spaces. Though the urge to get some sun and fresh air may be strong, we know in the spur of the moment, it can be hard to come up with outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy. Here we outline some fun ways to get the most out of your pool, patio and backyard with the help of smart technology solutions that make outdoor entertainment fun year-round.

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Watch a Movie Under the Stars

How can you enjoy this year’s biggest blockbusters without going into a crowded theater? Employ high-performance outdoor TVs and speakers to create an alfresco home cinema. With new releases still being added to streaming platforms, it's easy to distribute them through your home AV system to your patio or backyard. Optimize the experience with one-touch control of landscape lighting, volume, and even your motorized screens for seamless, bug-free viewing.

Make Your Garden a Family Affair

One activity can boost your health while providing a unique learning opportunity for your children or grandchildren. Start a brand-new garden and have each family member be in charge of an ingredient of their choice—garlic, basil, peppers, etc. Kids should be encouraged to water their designated plant and monitor its growth. Spotlight your work—and visit it safely—with dedicated accent lighting and pipe in music from landscape speakers to make gardening more fun. Organize a weekly or monthly family picnic using ingredients from the garden to make healthy eating a more engaging, personalized experience.

Take Your Pool Time to New Heights

Few areas in the home go unused more than the pool if not kept up properly. Everything from cold water to lackluster lighting makes using it a drag. Setting the perfect pool atmosphere is easy with an automation system that lets you manage temperature, lighting, and even music from the same interface. The pool then becomes the perfect opportunity to keep family members active throughout the summer. With lighting turning on automatically after dark, you can relish in a fun, safe environment to play Marco Polo or host a belly flop competition. 

Make Game Day Fun for Everyone

Not everyone in the family is as big an LSU or Saints fan as you are, but that doesn’t mean Game Day has to be a bore for them. Tailgate parties are fun for everyone, allowing the sports enthusiasts to watch the game on the patio (instead of locked away in the basement). At the same time, casual observers can listen in through landscape speakers while laying out by the pool or walking around the yard to get some fresh air. Integrate outdoor lighting to extend the party until the game ends. If you have a grill, add dedicated speakers nearby so the designated cook doesn't miss any action. 

Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for outdoor fun! Let us create the perfect outdoor entertainment environment for you with our integrated lighting, AV and control solutions. It's as easy as reaching out to a team member for a free consultation by giving us a call, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below. 

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