Two New Control4 Features You Need in Your Home

A woman holding a black Halo Touch remote featuring the Control4 audio interface on the touch screen.

Spruce Up Your Smart Home With the Help of a Control4 Dealer 

Control4 is our go-to home automation platform because of its constant innovation. More than any other company in the industry, it’s regularly adding new features and integrations to create the ultimate luxury experience. The best thing about being a Control4 dealer serving the Lafayette, LA, community is the opportunity to showcase these new features to our clients first hand at our Control4-certified showroom. 

Get a chance to interact with the technology in person to see if it would fit your lifestyle! Before you schedule a visit, we wanted to preview two new additions to look out for when you come. 

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Halo Remotes 

Halo remotes build on the company’s previous lines while incorporating voice control, backlit buttons, and stronger wi-fi connectivity. The new user interface with improved media browsing and customization options is even more impressive. Explore the top features of the Halo and Halo Touch models below: 

Halo: A non-touch LCD screen makes it easy to find devices, media, and automated scenes through the main menu options. The screen is controlled by a complete set of hard, backlit buttons and three custom buttons with digital labels to access your most used features easily. The remote also includes Color Shortcut Buttons to quickly access red, green, blue, and yellow functionalities. 

Halo-Touch: The Halo-Touch includes a 3.2” LCD touchscreen to manage devices, media, scenes, and more. Easily lock the screen with a swipe up and use your complete set of hard-backlit buttons for control instead. Additionally, a redesigned user interface also provides quick access to Favorites. The Halo-Touch is available in a black or silver brushed aluminum chassis. 

Vibrant Lighting

How can you elevate your lighting beyond the traditional bulb? Start with Control4’s Vibrant Linear Lighting. Place these tunable LED strips throughout your home for exceptional light diffusion that eliminates hard shadows while helping architectural elements pop. Recessed or exposed, Control4’s vibrant lighting adds a much-needed accent to your lighting design. 

Embrace the perfect light for any occasion with control over hues, temperatures, and intensity. Adjust as you want or set your preferred automated colors. Even mimic daylight indoors by having your LED strips change hues to match the sun throughout the day.

Our lighting team will expertly lay out these industry-leading lights to bolster your decor. We’ll unveil truly authentic colors from walls, artwork, and furnishings, with these fixtures boasting a 90+ color rendering index rating. 

Now is the perfect time to install a Control4 system or upgrade your existing one. Our team of experts will advise you on the features that best fit your lifestyle, and if you’re unsure, you can always test them out first in our showroom. Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more about our services by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below.

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