Control Your Mood and Create an Ambience With Lighting Controls


Manage the Look and Feel of Your Home With Lighting Controls

One of the first things we do when we come home is take off our shoes and change into comfy clothes to relax because our homes are the place we come to rest and recharge after a busy day out in the world. 

Lighting plays a crucial part in creating that type ofenvironment, and different types of light create different ambiances for each space. We need task lighting, natural light, and just enough light to create a feel or mood. To achieve all these different styles, you needa sophisticated home lighting control systemAnd whether you are building new or retrofitting your home, you can create the atmosphere you want in every room of your Baton Rouge, LA home with home lighting control

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Perfect Lighting Levels With Dimming

Lighting can have a major impact on the mood in a room.But creating that mood requires some controlsYou’ll needwarm, low lighting to watch a movie but higher lighting levels for reading a book.Dimmers allow you to adjust the current to your light to provide more or less lighting to your specifications. An automated lighting control system allows you to change and program lighting to dim at different levels any time you want and retrofitting your system with a lighting control system with high performing LEDs is hassle free with a knowledgeable home automation installer.

Task Lighting with LEDs

LEDs used to only come in one color temperature, making them difficult for lighting design as a feature. Now, they can be found in a spectrum of color temperatures, making them ideal as long-lasting, energy-saving devices as well as design features. One of the best ways to incorporate them into your home lighting design is to provide daylight simulating light.

LEDs are far better than fluorescents and halogen lighting when it comes to delivering task lighting that is both easy on your eyes and simulates natural sunlight. This is great for providing variety in your lighting design while also offering excellent illumination for task areas like garages and basements where there is little to no sunlight. 

Security Lighting to Keep Your Home Safe

But let’s not forget about security lightinghome lighting control system can make it easier to control every aspect of your home’s lightingincluding the outdoorsMotion sensorscan pick up movement and shine a light on any would-be intruder or unwanted pestBut a lighting control system schedules your outdoor lighting on at certain times and even certain areas depending on your preferences.And the best part about installing a home lighting control system is the ease of use. An experienced home automation installer can install your new system to integrate seamlessly with your automation system.

Home lighting controlsare a great way to create the ambiance and feel you want in your Baton Rouge, LA home. If you'd like to know more about installing a lighting control system, contactus at (225) 906-2589 or chat with us online.We look forward to speaking with you!

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