What is the Best Mode of Smart Home Control?


Optimize Your Technology with Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Home

Smart home control is all about simplifying the way you interact with your technology. Typically, people associate this with mobile apps that let you play music on wireless speakers, open your door locks, or turn off the lights. Although that’s what you’ll get with a DIY solution, professional smart home control offers much more convenience for your family.

Unveil the true potential of your smart home technology with a system which not only places everything under one umbrella but offers diverse control options as well. Go with a Control4 smart home with intuitive user interfaces, advanced voice control, and the ultimate universal remote. Have the best in luxury living with automated changes that anticipate your needs.

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Control OS3

This year Control4 made the most significant change to its user interface in years so you can enjoy greater customization and ease-of-use on dedicated touchpads or your favorite smart device. Since the interface now uses a grid-style system, it better matches up with other apps. Adjust the grids for easy access on your screen or dashboard to your most commonly used features.

New upgrades are all about giving you instant one-touch control of your smart home. Design your own favorites dashboard with your most-used devices and use the media sessions icon to manage your entertainment seamlessly. Through this icon, you can press play, pause, or switch tracks without leaving the screen. A security at-a-glance feature lets you view locks, surveillance and alarms all in one place.

Neeo Remote

Remotes are still the go-to smart home control option for our clients in their dedicated entertainment spaces. Having tactile buttons is vital when you don't want to take your eyes off your television. Want to use traditional remotes without losing out on your favorite smart home features?

Enter the Neeo remote—offering traditional tactical buttons for common commands and an elegant three-inch screen to manage the rest of your smart technology. Designed for comfort through the perfect weight, balance, and texture, it brings newfound luxury to the universal remote.

Voice Control

Siri, Google Home and Alexa are now the most common technology assistants. One way to integrate their voice control features is to add their respective smart speakers. For greater functionality, we recommend integrating these with the rest of your Control4 system. You’ll have the ability to control multiple features with one voice command through scenes. Just tell your respective technology concierge the name of specific scenes, and it'll automatically adjust lights, audio, and more.

Automated Changes

Home automation is all about giving you hands-off control. Deploy sensors and schedules that automatically activate your technology without you having to do a thing. A scheduled "Wake Up" scene, for example, opens the shades, raises the thermostat and plays a curated playlist. Meanwhile, motion sensors automatically turn on lights when you go in a room or activate alarms when there’s suspicious activity.


Do you want to embrace a comprehensive smart home control solution artfully crafted to meet your family’s needs? Set up a consultation with one of our experts by calling (225) 906-2589, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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