What Can I Do With a Smart Home Automation App?

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The Elevated Control Options of Smart Home Automation  

You’re likely already using smartphone apps to interact with the technology in your home. From playing music from your favorite streaming playlist to adjusting lights when you’re reading, all it takes is a few taps to manage your smart devices. But what if you could take this convenience a step further? That’s what smart home automation systems do.  

Enjoy a centralized smart home app for all your devices, available to you even when you’re at work or on vacation. Below, we outline the benefits of creating a one-app ecosystem in your Baton Rouge, LA, with the help of Control4. 

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One App for All Your Smart Devices 

The number one benefit of a home automation system is having all your devices under one platform. Instead of using a separate app for music, video doorbell, and lighting—why not consolidate it all? With Control4, all your technology lives under one roof. No more having to toggle between apps or learning new app interfaces for each addition. Save rooms, features, or devices as favorites for easy access from the home screen. 

Access Your Technology from Anywhere 

With your technology securely housed within a smart home app, staying connected on the go is easy. Check in on live surveillance footage from work to see if your kids made it home safely. Or pull up your app on the way home to lower your thermostat and turn on the lights in the foyer for easy entry. While many smart devices offer remote access, using just one hub is much safer since you’re creating fewer entry points to your network for cybercriminals to exploit. Control4, like most automation platforms, includes extensive security measures to secure your devices. 

Set up Scenes For Seamless Control 

A home automation system also enhances collaboration between all your technology, particularly in the form of scenes. These custom scenes activate multiple devices via one command. A common example is a “Wake Up” scene. It will open your motorized shades, raise the thermostat, and begin playing your morning playlist. Activate these scenes through your mobile app, schedule them at certain times, or set them to happen based on triggers.  

Easily Update Your Favorite Settings  

In the past, you had to reach out to your smart home installer to change your go-to settings. Control4 has always been at the forefront of homeowner autonomy. It lets users change up scenes—from what triggers them to what the response will be. If you realize you’d like lights dimmed a little less or want a different playlist to activate, making those changes on the app is easy. The Control4 OS 3.4 release allows you to create new notifications or mute existing ones as needed.  

Ready to simplify your life with the ultimate smart home app? Contact our experts today! Call us or fill out our contact form to learn more about our services. 

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