How Can Your Home Benefit from Wi-Fi 6?


Revamp Your Smart Home Performance With the Latest Wireless Standard

For most luxury homes in New Orleans, LA, it’s becoming the norm to have dozens of connected devices throughout the property. These smart devices –ranging from speakers to security cameras-often use the wireless network to communicate and coordinate. Unfortunately, though wireless networks may be convenient, they also tend to be unreliable when they reach this scope.

Enter Wi-Fi 6. As connected devices take root, the industry has taken note and introduced this new protocol featuring a wide array of upgrades set to transform how smart homes function. Read on to see how Wi-Fi 6 home networking brings instant improvement to your Netflix binges, at-home video conferences, and online gaming sessions.

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The biggest issue when adding more connected devices to your home is bandwidth. Heaping new demands on your network without an upgrade is like significantly increasing traffic on a highway without building new lanes. Bandwidth issues result in lagging, network slowdowns and sometimes entirely missed connections. Under the new Wi-Fi 6 protocol, some changes directly address this.

Through increased data rates, Wi-Fi 6 allows for four times the connections and makes it easier to prioritize high-bandwidth content (like video during an important work call). The newly approved 1-5 GHz bandwidths are also available on many Wi-Fi 6 routers and access points, creating new lanes for your network traffic to flow through.

Traffic Prioritization

Most home networks work indiscriminately, sharing radio frequency spaces not just with devices within your property but even with those in neighboring homes. Enhanced tools in this new protocol help your network differentiate between devices, only receiving and sending signals from the ones you choose. During your home network installation, you can even isolate segments within your home that receive priority status.

Daily, your routers will use a spectrum time-frequency segregation manager (OFDMA) to proactively slice out time for each device for more reliable connectivity and more efficient use of your overall bandwidth. This also greatly reduces latency, so you get an immediate response from your network, which is crucial for smart home commands and gaming where even nanosecond delays matter.

Additional Features

Two Wi-Fi 6 additional features will be vital to your day-to-day. The first is the Target Wait Time (TWT) which tells your devices when to activate their Wi-Fi radio and when to turn it off. This reduces signal clutter and massively extends the battery life for smartphones, security cameras, and shades.

The second addresses a huge concern for people integrating smart devices into their home—security. Wi-Fi 6 debuts the WPA3 security standard for greater protection through enhanced encryption protocols that deliver enterprise-level protection in your home. 

Are you interested in upgrading your home with Wi-Fi 6? Call us, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to connect with one of our networking experts. We’ll work with you to install Wi-Fi 6 routers and access points in your home that will work seamlessly with your existing devices.

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