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C4Yourself Event Highlights Top Solutions Like Contemporary Lighting, Remote Access and More

Each year, Control4 dealers across the country host a C4 Yourself Event featuring special promotions, product announcements and virtual and in-person training opportunities. This year we were proud to be the Control4 Certified showroom hosting the Baton Rouge, LA, event. Below are just some of the things we showed our customers, from the features that make Control4 stand out to a preview of the company's new Contemporary Lighting line. Did you miss out on this year's session? Don't worry. You can still schedule a one-on-one demo at our Certified Showroom to learn more about Control4.

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Your Home is Your Castle

The theme of this year's C4 Yourself event was how to create a majestic smart home experience. Control4 is known for offering seamless control of lighting, AV, security, and more while partnering with thousands of brands so you can keep the products you love most. However, this year, the focus was on three features that bolster your personal castle: privacy, security, and remote access.

The first has become even more important with concern about Amazon and Google smart speakers selling your information. Control4 systems are private by design. What happens in your home stays in your home with no data sold to third parties. Easy-to-use tools let you set your preferred privacy settings, with Control4 showing clear transparency on how any information is used exclusively to improve your system.

Control4 dealers are specially trained to install their surveillance, access, and alarm systems to ensure optimal performance when it comes to security. For additional protection, you can install sensors that let you know when children approach dangerous areas (like the pool) or when there's a leak in the bathroom.

Remote access is another feature spotlight, and it ties directly into security. From anywhere in the world, you'll be able to monitor your home surveillance, receive notifications in case of an emergency and activate locks and alarms. In addition, the Chime video doorbell allows for two-way communication at your front door to let in contractors, dog walkers, or children when they get home from school.

Introducing Control4 Contemporary Lighting

The big announcement at this year's C4 Yourself event was introducing the Contemporary Lighting line set to add a stylistic flair to the company's smart lighting solutions. The new line features elegant, modern keypads that manage lights and shades, audio, and more.

Choose from a wide range of flexible button configurations and beautiful matte finishes available in white, black, gray, cream and more. The keypads include custom-engraved buttons with LED backlighting for an instant view of what scenes are active for added ease of use.

Want to integrate some of these Control4 products into your home? Reach out to the most trusted dealer in Baton Rouge for a one-on-one demo at our Control4 certified showroom. We’ll design a custom solution that integrates all the features that interest you most. To get started, give us a call, fill out our online contact form or chat with a specialist below.

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