4 Transformative Smart Shading Scenes for Your Home


Prepare Your Space for Anything with One Button-Press

We've talked before about the benefits of motorized shades, including added privacy and energy efficiency. Though these benefits are immediate with a standalone shading solution, there are a few reasons we recommend incorporating them with the rest of your smart home technology. You not only get more control options—including keypads and voice command—but you’ll be able to include them in your dedicated smart home scenes.

Unleash the real power of your motorized shades by saving your favorite settings for a wide range of applications and pulling them up instantly at the press of a button or at a scheduled time. Below are some of the most popular smart scenes you could incorporate in your Baton Rouge, LA, home, but the possibilities are practically endless!  

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Wake up refreshed every morning with a scene that raises your shades at the same time each day. Sunlight will ease you into the day much more smoothly than artificial lighting. You’ll be able to decide how fast you want the shades to go up and if you want them to open up fully or partly. Add distributed audio to your scene to create the ideal environment to get your daily routine started.


Sit down to watch a movie, TV-show or sports game without having to worry about the glare. Relax with your favorite entertainment with a “Cinema” scene that automatically dims the lights, closes the shades, and turns on your display to your go-to streaming service. Closing the shades also helps regulate the temperature to keep cold or heat from ruining your viewing experience, depending on the time of year. 


When you go on vacation, your empty home could become a prime target for thieves. When burglars see an unoccupied house, they know they’ll face little resistance if they break in. Employ a ‘Vacation’ scene that uses your shades and lights to make it seem like you are home. At random intervals throughout the day, lights turn on and off and shades open and close to simulate activity.

Good Night

No more nightly walk-throughs of the entire house to make sure all shades are closed. Now you can take advantage of a “Good Night” scene you activate from a keypad on your bedside table. Once you are ready to go to sleep, this scene preps the house for you. All lights turn off, shades close, doors lock and your security alarm activates for the ultimate peace of mind.



Do you want to incorporate these shading scenes into your home or have ideas for others you’d like to create? Reach out to one of our shading experts for a one-on-one consultation by giving us a call at (225) 906-2589, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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