Experience the Luxury of Motorized Window Treatments


Tame the Sun, Insects, and Heat with High-Performing Indoor and Outdoor Shades

You love your home, your lawn, and the little things in life that make it all worthwhile. But what about your window treatments? Something as basic as a shade or blind says a lot about your personal style, and it affects the ambiance of your home in New Orleans. Don’t let old shades drag down the divine décor in your rooms or outdoor spaces. Instead, switch to stylish, high-performing motorized window treatments.

Motorized shades, both indoor and outdoor, give you complete light, heat, and insect control by simply touching a button. You’ll enjoy improved comfort, added beauty, and more energy savings as well. In addition, there are so many styles to choose from. Lutron offers a wide selection, so you never need to feel limited. Read our blog to discover how motorized window treatments can update the appearance of your home.


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Let’s Start Outside with Patio Shades

It’s evening time, and the weather has cooled off a bit. You want to spend time outside with family or friends, but there’s one problem – mosquitos! Instead of suffering through bite after bite, you decide to stay inside. While you avoid the stings, your beautiful outdoor space goes to waste. It doesn’t need to be that way though. You can enjoy your porch or patio without worrying about buzzing insects breaking up the party.

The answer is retractable insect shades. These best-in-class motorized shades instantly transform your covered patio or porch into a screened room. With the simple touch of a button, the shades lower down through an exclusive tracking system that literally seals them shut. No more insects, dust, or dirt to worry about. Just a beautiful porch you can enjoy in comfort. Due to their strength, they’ll even protect you from golf balls if you live on a golf course. These shades are also perfect for pergolas, retractable glass walls, and windows.


Sophisticated and Smart Indoor Shades

Traditional shades serve their purpose: they provide some light-blocking features. They also come in many styles and colors. Their biggest problem? They’re not smart! Think about how many times you need to open, close, and adjust your shades each day. It’s a chore – especially if you have multiple shades in your home. However, with motorized window treatments, you adjust everything with the touch of a button. And if that’s too much, they can be programmed to adjust automatically.

At the same time, you want window shades that are stylish as well. Motorized window treatments by Lutron are better than functional. Their attractive designs come in many varieties, colors, and sizes to complement any space. Also, due to their ultra-quiet electronic drive technology, they operate silently. Add to that their UV-blocking features and various light-filtering options, and you have smooth, sleek, and silent shades that are perfect for any room.

Finally, to enjoy the ultimate in comfort and convenience, you can integrate your new motorized shades with your home automation system. Then, all you need to do is operate it remotely from your mobile device or touchpad to adjust the shades based on your needs. This is light control and smart home automation at its finest!


Learn how automated motorized window treatments make your home more loveable and livable! Reach out to our team of technology professionals through our online contact form or the chat box at the corner of your screen. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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