4 Things Your Home Lighting Should Accomplish



Get the Most Out of Your Home Lighting Control

Though we often take lighting for granted, it only takes a few minutes in a room with bad lighting to realize how important it is. It might be a media room where bright lights cause a glare on the screen or dimmed lighting forces you to strain your eyes while reading. Few pieces of technology affect your day-to-day more than your lighting does.

That’s why you should invest in a lighting control system designed to help you accomplish the following: adapt quickly, think better, do better, and feel better. As you read this blog, you’ll see how our custom solutions help you get the most out of the lighting fixtures in your New Orleans, LA home.

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Adjust Easily Throughout the Day

Your home lighting control's primary responsibility is to harness your lights' flexibility. Each of the sections outlined below mentions a unique way your lighting improves your day-to-day. Intuitive control lets you naturally maneuver through all these different features and benefits. In an instant, transform your space depending on the task at hand, your mood, or the time of day. Leverage various lighting control solutions, including voice control, mobile apps, dedicated touchpads, and elegant on-wall keypads.

Develop More Efficient Daily Routines  

How can your lighting ensure you ‘do better’ on a daily basis? By helping you create the right environment to thrive no matter what you’re doing. Create dedicated lighting scenes that pull up settings for a wide arrange of activities, including dinner, homework, and bedtime. Activate them automatically throughout the day or pull them up as needed. If you want to adjust these scenes in the future, you can do so easily from your touchpad or mobile app.

Boost Well-Being with Tunable Lighting

Natural lighting is vital to your well-being, but how can you get its full benefits when you spend most of your time indoors? New tunable lighting fixtures adjust the color temperature to recreate the sun's natural hues. Our lighting control systems automatically change these hues throughout the day to mimic the sun's movement. Enjoy cool tones in the morning that simulate activity and warm ones that help you wind down at the end of the day.

Encourage Greater Thinking All Day

Lighting has a significant impact on your brain. Did you know that when used correctly, it stimulates alertness and cognition? Create an ideal environment for work and study by adjusting your light intensity and hues. Encourage concentration with cooler, white lighting and avoid eye strain by ensuring you always have the needed visibility. By incorporating the circadian lighting methods mentioned above, you'll also get better sleep, which greatly affects your cognitive functions.

  Lighting should have a transformative effect on your space and lifestyle. Are you using yours to its full potential? Talk one-on-one with our lighting experts by calling (225) 906.2589, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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